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Receivable Management and Recovery Services
Receivable Management and Recovery Services, Inc. (RMRS) specializes in one thing and one thing only, the expeditious and professional collection of commercial accounts receivable.


Our collection agency staff has a vast wealth of experience in collecting just about every type of commercial receivable imaginable. Whether your company manufactures products, sells industrial supplies, distributes goods, leases or sells equipment, office space or commercial real estate, provides business services, or is a transportation or freight brokerage firm or anything in between, we have streamlined our agency to aggressively collect your commercial bad debt claims quickly and efficiently.


Office: 877-626-6341

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Jeffrey J. Needle, Esq.
Florida Debt Collection & Litigation
You're in business to make money! We're in business to help you get what you've earned!
Jeff Needle  www.NeedleLaw.com

Whatever type of commercial debt collection claims or accounts receivable needs you may have, whether  a single claim or monthly portfolios that need to be electronically imported, our law firm is ready to work for you.


Our collection practice is state-wide in Florida and we conduct collection campaigns from the initial demand letter through enforcement of judgments.  We offer contingency and hourly fee schedules to suit your specific needs.  Debtors can be contacted throughout the USA and worldwide on a moments notice by way of our established network of fellow collection attorneys everywhere.


Office: (800) 367-1174

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Colorado Statewide Collections Since 1982
We are an independent Colorado, AV rated, law firm consisting of two partners who have a combined legal experience of over 70 years. We work extensively with individual business creditors and local collection agencies representing creditors in all aspects of consumer and commercial litigation and collections. We have conducted a bonded, full service debt collection practice since 1982.

The collection services are generally provided on a contingent fee basis, with the client paying court costs. We do not charge for consultation prior to our agreeing to accept your case. Our services range from initial demand letters, telephone calls, suit, judgment and post-judgment collection efforts.
Office: (303) 297-3800
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Specializing In Web Design & SEO For Collection Attorneys & Collection Agencies
Viking Web Group provides a wide variety of highly professional web services for companies throughout the United States. Our services include web design, search engine optimization, video production, lead generation, web monitoring, domain sales, hosting and much more.

Through the years, we have evolved just like any other pro-active company, adding new services and different venues to benefit our valued clients in the marketing of their products and services online. Our focus is to provide superb web services for our clients in order to enhance their company brand, maximize their online visibility and to provide each of them with world class service and support.


Office: (800) 714-9430
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Daniel Spilotro, Esq. - Chicago Collection Attorney
Daniel Spilotro www.SpilotroLaw.com

The Spilotro Law Group, LLC is a commercial litigation law firm based in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded with a simple premise - blend knowledge, experience and technology to create a law firm that provides its clients with efficient and effective legal counseling through all stages of the litigation process.  


Our recipe for success has been simple - relentless pursuit of justice for our clients no matter how big or small the case in creditors’ rights, commercial litigation, mechanics’ liens, preference claim defense and commercial real estate evictions.


Office: (773) 451-9191

Lead Generating Websites For Attorneys
  Neal Markowitz
Neal J. Markowitz, Esq.
Collections & Commercial Litigation
Landlord Tenant & Evictions
Enforcement & Domestication of Judgments
Maryland & Washington, DC
Neal J. Markowitz handles both consumer and commercial collections, commercial litigation and business litigation. Our law firm has concentrated on these practice areas of law since our inception in 1992. We do not handle any other practice areas of law, which enables our collection law firm to focus all of our energy and available resources into your collection or litigation matters.
In Association With Levy & Associates, LLC
Office: (301) 588-5906

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