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Chamber Calendar 
2019 Schedule
TBD - Grand Canyon become the Expert
Jan 31 - Annual Luncheon 12 pm The Chicken Kitchen
Feb TBD Food Handler classes
Feb 12th - 10 am -4 pm Employment FAM Tour
Feb 14th 10 am -12 pm Board meeting
Feb TBD Networking Mixer Starbucks
Mar 14th 10 am -12 pm Board Meeting
Apr 11th 10 am -12 pm
Board Meeting
Apr TBD Networking Mixer The Chicken Kitchen
Apr 9th 10 - 4 pm
Employment FAM Tour
May 9th 10 am - 12 pm Board Meeting
Jun 11th 10 am - 4 pm
Employment FAM Tour
Jun 13th 10 am-12 pm 
Board Meeting 
Jun TBD Networking Mixer
Red Feather Lodge
Jul 4th - Parade & Celebration
Jul 11th 10 am -12pm
Board Meeting
Aug 8th 10 am -12 pm
Board Meeting
Sep 12th 10 am -12 pm Board Meeting
Sep TBD Networking Mixer
Oct 10th 10 am -12 pm
Board Meeting
Mid -Oct - 2020 Board Nominations
Oct 31 - Trunk or Treat
Nov 2nd - Grand Canyon Chamber 1/2 Marathon
Nov 8th 10 am - 12 pm Board Meeting
Nov 25th Board Ballots mailed out
Dec 12th 10 am -12 pm
Board Meeting 
Ballot Count and
Sweepstakes Giveaway
Message From The General Manager
Laura Chastain
NPS numbers have not been updated since the shutdown.  However, we do have the following information for the winter break From FY10 to FY18 the weeks of 12/22 to 1/5, we averaged 92 tons of solid waste. In FY19, that number went up to106 tons. FY16 to FY18 12/22 to 1/5  we averaged 325,000 ft of toilet paper. In FY19, we went through 472,000 feet of toilet paper in that time frame.  Click here for the link to the current NPS reports. 
Unfortunately 2019's Grand Celebration has not started as we had hoped due to the Government Shutdown... 
Breaking news - it looks like we have a 3 week Government re-open through February 15th. Services will be opened as staff can be notified and workers return to the area.  This will be a process and I will keep you notified as services re-open (especially gate fees).  Daily stakeholder calls are schedule to continue until operations are back to normal.
For the last month the Grand Canyon Community has come together to support NPS families.  Mike Scott has done an incredible job organizing food donations, community meals and over all support with the help of all of the local businesses.  A big thank you to all of you for helping during this shutdown.
October 1, 2019 CUA fee increase will go into effect.  Here is a link that outlines the increases.  This will result in significant fee adjustments for your tours.
On a more positive note...Grand Canyon Chamber will be adding to our annual events and will be hosting a 1/2 Marathon event in Tusayan on November 2nd.  Additional information will be coming out soon.
Dec / Jan Recap
December 13 10 am - 12 pm final 2018 Board Meeting - 2019 Board Members: Clayann Cook (Big E Steakhouse), Clarinda Vail (RP's), Courtney Dixon (Xanterra), Romy Murphy (Pink Jeep), Freda Ranenfuehrer (Best Western), Amy Weltmer (Delaware North), Julie Aldaz (Red Feather Lodge)


December 13th 11:30 am -  Facebook Live Event 

We held our first Live Event for our annual Sweepstakes giveaway. Congratulations to Jennifer Stever from Albuquerque, NM.  Jennifer entered because she wants to take her two daughters and husband on a trip to experience the Grand Canyon. She is planning her trip for spring or summer and can’t wait to come. Trip value $1600


A Special thank you to our trip Sponsors:
Grand Canyon Plaza Hotel - 2 Night Stay for 2 guest
Plaza Bonita Restaurant - Dinner for 2
Red Feather Lodge - $50 Visa Card
Plaza Bonita Restaurant - Dinner for 2
IMAX - Movie Tickets for 2 for the Grand Canyon Hidden Secrets
Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters – Tickets for 2 North Canyon Flights
Paragon Skydive – 2 "Naked" Skydives


Campaign generated 2509 individual leads for our members, 4446 opened emails, and over 150,000 impressions on Facebook with 6,612 clicks.


Tusayan Multimodal Transportation Action Plan -Our plan is to bring our tentative 5 year plan to the full community and interested parties as soon as we have a resolution to the shutdown.

January / February

January 31st Annual Luncheon- We hope you can join us for our Annual Chamber Luncheon at The Chicken Kitchen from 12 pm - 2 pm.  Meet the board, recap our 2018 successes and learn about our 2019 plans.


February 12th - Employment FAM Tour - 10 am - 4 pm Grand Canyon Squire Inn.  This event is designed to bring job developers to our area to learn about employment opportunities directly from the employers all at one time.  10 - 12 pm are employer presentations, 12 - 1:30 pm will be a group lunch followed by an area tour.  Please check your information on our website as this data will likely need to be updated due to min wage increases. Click here to update your information.  I will be going to print on Tuesday February 5th.


February Networking Mixer date TBD - Hosted by Starbucks (stay tuned)


AOT - FAM's who's coming?

Paula Murray The Scottish Sunday Press Feb 19th & 20th

Thank you Best Western and Pink Jeep for hosting


Chamber Marketing - Bloggers Jan/Feb

As part of our 2018-2019 marketing plan I am working with LA Times to bring in 6 bloggers.

Each blogger brings a different marketing focus for us.  Thank you to those that are hosting.  Still finalizing some plans with a few of them so let me know if you want to help make their experience even Grander!

Current Marketing efforts

Grand Canyon CVB Website:


  • December 21st we ran a boosted post “We are open” it has had a reach of 41,461 with 4,635 engagements, 2,312 likes, 768 shares and 72 comments – most of them positive.
  • January 12th – added a post regarding shift in funding – so far without boost post has had 3,887 reach, 607 engagements,  6 comments and 37 shares.
  • Our average page likes has gone from 3,538 to 4,038 so an increase of 500 likes since October 1, 2018
  • Since Dec 1st I've had 57 posts with a total reach of 1,174,495, 1194 shares, 5919 likes and 338 comments
Additional Advertising:
Print campaigns
  • AAA Living (Midwest) has generated over 700 leads so far (these leads contain name, mailing address and email(if willing to give us) and are shared with Chamber Members.  Additionally I mail out a Visitor Guide and Centennial Go Grand rack card to all.
  • AAA Arizona has just hit the stands 
  • AZ Canadian Insert 1/3 page ad – Westjet Magazine circulation 600,000 on-line impressions +22 million – this campaign generated 1003 leads for our members
  • Chicago Life delivered by Wall Street Journal – mid October featured Grand Canyon 100th Anniversary 44,000 print
  • Grand Canyon Journal Full page ad
Banner Ads
Quantcast - banner ads
Madden - Re-marketing ads
LA Times 6 bloggers 
Current Print Advertising in circulation:
Arizona Canadian Fall insert 612,000 
Winter Drive Guide – circulation 200,000
1/6 page ad in Experience Sedona guide – circulation 275,000
1/3 panel Northern Arizona Exposure Map – 275,000 circulation
1/4 panel Grand Canyon South Rim, Tusayan, & Northern AZ
Plus our 2018 Visitor's Guide I40 corridor certified racks Southern Arizona and Prescott Valley
Chamber Partner Opportunities
Grand Canyon Association 
100 Centennial Celebration Info


Be a part of something GRAND

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of Grand Canyon National Park!

We invite you to become a corporate partner of Grand Canyon Association, supporting Grand Canyon for present and future generations. 

How you can support Grand Canyon

Private support of our national parks and public lands is a long and proud tradition. 

Grand Canyon Association works with organizations to meet their unique goals while ensuring Grand Canyon National Park’s six million annual visitors have a fulfilling and exceptional experience. There are many ways for your organization to partner with one of the Natural Wonders of the World: 

Click here for more info

National Park Service News
NPS is in planning stages for a Fall 2019 Conference that will focus on inclusion in National Parks.  If you are interested in being part of this planning group please contact Pamela Edwards.
Media Requests

We are starting to see a number of media requests.  I have updated our media room page and added a Google form for media to fill out.  I will receive the requester’s information via email and in a pdf form which I will then share with those on my media list.  If you’re not on my media list please make sure your company has completed our contact information form.


I also have a dropbox folder for media - please send me anything you would like me to include.

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