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Chamber Calendar 
2018 Schedule
Dec 13, 2018
Board Meeting
10 am - 12 pm
Red Feather Lodge
2019 Schedule
TBD - Coming Soon!
Message From The General Manager
Laura Chastain
NPS numbers for September and October show a slight increase over last year. (Sept up 7.68% and Oct up 4.70%)  Click here for the link to the current NPS Reports. 
Grand Canyon Chamber Board Elections

Ballots will be opened at this Thursday December 13th Board meeting.  Thank you all that stepped up and are interested in participating on the board. 

Annual Membership drive - has been sent out to ensure we have enough time to print our 2019 Centennial Visitor Guides.  Please respond promptly to your renewal.  If you have any questions please let me know.
Grand Canyon CVB Sweepstakes - Announcement live on Facebook Thursday December 13th at 11:30 am - join the fun! Thank you Grand Canyon Plaza Hotel, Papillon, Plaza Bonita, Red Feather Lodge, Paragon Skydive, and IMAX for donating our give-away. 
October / November Recap
Trunk or Treat - Thank you all for participating in our Annual Trunk or Treat.  This year's winners:
Best Community Trunk - 7-Mile Lodge for their rendition of Wizard of Oz
Judges Choice award - Holiday Inn Express & Suites for Coco
Ambassador program wrap up: We hired 10 part-time staff to serve as ambassadors at the Tusayan bus stops.  They provided 996 hours of assistance at the bus stops from end of May through October.  The had a total of 6,644 interactions or 4.76% of the rider ship.  Each part-time ambassador had one or more seasons working in the Grand Canyon area either as front desk, bus driver or bus loaders.  Pending funding we hope to improve upon this years program and hope to offer this service again next year.
Job Familiarization Tour - We had 7 new attendees for our November Job Familiarization Tour!  Let's keep in contact with these connections to assist you with your seasonal / year round hiring.
ACE Conference - I was able to attend the Annual Arizona Chamber and Executive Conference in Lake Havasu.  Great networking opportunities and hopefully some future collaborations with Prescott.  Did you know they have very reasonable direct flights coming in from Denver and are planning on increasing the number of flights?  Give me a call if you are interested in some partnerships - I'm happy to make some connections for you.


AOT Arizona Marketplace - I met with several writers at this year's AOT event in Scottsdale - associated with Travel Classics West. Story ideas pitched included: Centennial Celebration (which many have already picked up), Night Sky, Winter and to continue to improve alternative modes of transportation into the park Bicycling riding. I have a dropbox folder established for media - please send me anything you would like to include.
December / January

December 13 10 am - 12 pm final 2018 Board Meeting - to be held at Red Feather Lodge - Julies office.  Ballot's will be opened and counted.


December 13th 11:30 am - Facebook Live Event - 2018 Winter Sweepstakes Drawing


Tusayan Multimodal Transportation Action Plan -Our plan is to bring our tentative 5 year plan to the full community and interested parties early next year for final thoughts and implementation.


AOT - FAM's who's coming?

Quiet right now for December


Chamber Marketing - Bloggers Jan/Feb

As part of our 2018-2019 marketing plan I am working with LA Times to bring in 10 bloggers during January and February.  I will be reaching out to all of you for participation.


Current Marketing efforts
Facebook - October / November Recap
29 posts and 1 ad done by us directly 28,601 reach with 1,422 clicks
Oct 2017 to Oct 2018 - 903 new page likes
Oct 2018- Nov 2018 - 457 new page likes
Currently 4137 page likes
Facebook / Instagram - Dec plan
Running Ads for Fiesta Bowl and Chezit Bowl games
Live Sweepstakes drawing December 13th
Posting almost daily :)
As always if you have any incredible photos and will share please send them my way :) 
Additional Advertising:
AOT Remarketing Campaign - now through March
Geo Fencing - 216,429 impressions, 259 clicks and 8 conversions
AAA So Cal
AAA Chicago 413 leads produced
Grand Canyon Journal
Canadian/Westjet - has produced 1279 leads
2018 Winter Sweepstakes drawing
Quantcast banner ads
LA Times 10 bloggers - more to come
Current Print Advertising in circulation:
Arizona Canadian Fall insert 612,000 
Winter Drive Guide – circulation 200,000
1/6 page ad in Experience Sedona guide – circulation 275,000
1/3 panel Northern Arizona Exposure Map – 275,000 circulation
1/4 panel Grand Canyon South Rim, Tusayan, & Northern AZ
Plus our 2018 Visitor's Guide I40 corridor certified racks Southern Arizona and Prescott Valley
Chamber Partner Opportunities
Grand Canyon Association 
100 Centennial Celebration Info


Be a part of something GRAND

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of Grand Canyon National Park!

We invite you to become a corporate partner of Grand Canyon Association, supporting Grand Canyon for present and future generations. 

How you can support Grand Canyon

Private support of our national parks and public lands is a long and proud tradition. 

Grand Canyon Association works with organizations to meet their unique goals while ensuring Grand Canyon National Park’s six million annual visitors have a fulfilling and exceptional experience. There are many ways for your organization to partner with one of the Natural Wonders of the World: 

Click here for more info

National Park Service News
NPS is in planning stages for a Fall 2019 Conference that will focus on inclusion in National Parks.  If you are interested in being part of this planning group please contact Pamela Edwards.
Media Requests

We are starting to see a number of media requests.  I have updated our media room page and added a Google form for media to fill out.  I will receive the requester’s information via email and in a pdf form which I will then share with those on my media list.  If you’re not on my media list please make sure your company has completed our contact information form.


I also have a dropbox folder for media - please send me anything you would like me to include.

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