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Chamber Calendar 
2019 Schedule
May 7th 10 am - 12 pm Board Meeting at Pink Jeep - July 4th Planning
Jun 11th 10 am - 4 pm
Employment FAM Tour
Jun 13th 10 am-12 pm 
Board Meeting 
Jun 14th 10 am - 11 am
Grand Canyon Become the Expert
Jun 13th  Networking Mixer 5:30 - 7 pm
Red Feather Lodge
Jul 4th - Parade & Celebration
Jul 11th 10 am -12pm
Board Meeting
Aug 8th 10 am -12 pm
Board Meeting
Sep 12th 10 am -12 pm Board Meeting
Sep TBD Networking Mixer
Oct 10th 10 am -12 pm
Board Meeting
Mid -Oct - 2020 Board Nominations
Oct 31 - Trunk or Treat
Nov 2nd - Grand Canyon Chamber 1/2 Marathon
Nov 8th 10 am - 12 pm Board Meeting
Nov 25th Board Ballots mailed out
Dec 12th 10 am -12 pm
Board Meeting 
Ballot Count and
Sweepstakes Giveaway
Message From The General Manager
Laura Chastain

NPS reports are in for February and continue to show a decrease over same time last year by -19.89%.  A few factors to consider: Government Shut down didn't end until Jan 25th, weather in 2019 was colder avg 13-39 degrees vs 2018 14-47 degrees. Click here for the link to the current NPS reports. Spring Breaks began in March many businesses reported slow number until right before Easter. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help promote anything for your business via Facebook or Instagram.  We are here to help support your business!


2019 Grand Canyon Chamber Visitor Guide is on the street!  If you would like some for your location please let us know.  We have increased the number of pages and have a two page spread on Centennial Events. The on-line version would make a great link to share with your guests as they are planning their Grand Adventures!


Become a Sponsor: Don't forget...We recently sent out sponsorship information for 2019.  A Special Thank you to our Gold Sponsor Holiday Inn, Silver Sponsors The Grand and Big E/Chicken Kitchen, Bronze Sponsor Plaza Bonita Restaurant and our small business sponsor AZ River Runners.  The Town of Tusayan is our Major Sponsor for July 4th: sponsoring tents, barricades and the Laser Light Show!  Click here for more information on becoming a sponsor.


July 4th Planning - our next board meeting May 7th from 10 am - 12 pm will focus on planning all the logistics of July 4th.  We would love to have your input and support so please consider joining us at Pink Jeep (upstairs conference room).


October 1, 2019 CUA fee increase will go into effect.  Here is a link that outlines the increases.  This will result in significant fee adjustments for your tours.


Welcome new members 


Grand Canyon Custom Tours - Williams - Do you have guests that just want to put their feet into the Colorado River at the bottom of the Canyon?  Well they can with Grand Canyon Custom Tours in comfort and style. This off road 4x4 air conditioned tour departs daily from Williams for an incredible adventure to the Inner Canyon.



April Recap

April 9th - Employment FAM Tour - was canceled - however we are showing a lot of interest for the June 11th tour so please mark your calendars.


April 11th - Grand Canyon Become the Expert  was a small but mighty group!  Even the presenters walked out saying wow I learned something new.  A special thank you to Vanessa Ceja-Cervantes NPS, Pamela Edwards NPS and Quenten Johnson Kaibab NF.  Vanessa has some free signs for anyone interested some of the samples are pictured above. Our next class is scheduled for Friday June 14th 10:30 - 11:30 am and we hope to see you there!


April 12th Networking Mixer Wow what a great turn-out and fun evening!  Thank you Clayann and the whole team for a wonderful event!


AOT - FAM's who came? 

Apr 11th - UK Journalist traveling with AOT

Apr 25th - Valerio Negri - Luxury Travel Magazine Mexico

Apr 27th - Jennifer Hartley & Jacob Rosser - Ottawa Life magazine


May / June

May 7th 10 am - 12 pm Board Meeting / July 4th planning at Pink Jeep

The tentative plan is similar to last year - except maybe a little bigger and better.  The Chamber can cover the cost of the food but we are looking for:

  • Businesses that want to donate time to cook / serve for the day
  • A business/organization to take the lead on the kid games
May 16th - Brand USA FAM
In partnership with Brand USA, American Airlines and British Airways, Experience Scottsdale and Visit Phoenix have been chosen as the hosts for the finale of the Brand USA UK & Ireland Mega FAM. This opportunity comes in support of the new American Airlines non-stop air service from London Heathrow to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport which launched last month.

I will be attending a Product Manager & Receptive Marketplace where I will conduct one-on-one meetings with all product managers and receptives in attendance during 8-minute appointment sessions.  Attendees will include 10 UK & Ireland product managers and 7 receptive operators as well as Brand USA UK and DC team members.

June 13th - 5:30 - 7 pm Grand Canyon Chamber Mixer / Ribbon Cutting Hosted by: Red Feather Lodge & Plaza Bonita Restaurant
Join us for another ribbon cutting mixer event as Red Feather Lodge unveils their new remodel!


June 14th - Grand Canyon Become the Expert 10:30 pm - 11:30 pm -  at the Big E Steakhouse. With over 6 million visitors we sure get a lot of questions - especially this Centennial year. Join us for a free informative session about the Grand Canyon. Topics include Centennial Events, busy day tips, tours, accessibility, Ranger and Jr Ranger programs, permits and camping, pet friendly activities/accommodations, hiking safety and were to go for the best views. Please RSVP


Tusayan Multimodal Transportation Action Plan -The main core group will be meeting in early May.  I will bring you updates from that meeting.


AOT - FAM's who's coming? Current Requests from AOT If you want to host please let me know.


May 9th  - Chinese Influencer Chang Lang (thank you Canyon Plaza Hotel for hosting)

May - Don Heimburger - Travelife.ca Canada

May - Inge Jucker – GlücksPost – Germany

June - Fergus Blakiston – The New Zealand Herald – New Zealand

July - Helmut Widmann – Gute Reise - Austria

National Park Service News

Grand Canyon Summer Fest Participation - Vanessa Ceja-Cervante is planning a great week and want's your participation.


Jr.Ranger Day | June 22 | Grand Canyon Visitor Center 

Jr.Ranger Day will focus on engaging the park's youngest visitors with stewardship and conservation. We will have storytime on the rim, cultural demonstrators, and a scavenger hunt. 


June 23-28 | Grand Canyon Visitor Center 

Cultural Demonstrators during the day and 17 Grand Canyon, outdoor related films throughout the week. 


Summerfest | June 29 | Grand Canyon Visitor Center 

The park will be hosting a summer festival on June 29 from 9 am to 4 pm at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center plaza. The festival will feature everything Arizona has to offer including food trucks, a beer garden, and cultural demonstrators.


We would love to have Grand Canyon Chamber members join us and share with visitors information about their outdoor attractions.

Vanessa Ceja-Cervantes | Grand Canyon National Park | 

928-638-7728 office | 928-266-6246 cell | email

Current Marketing efforts

Grand Canyon CVB Website updates:


  • April 1 - April 30 - 32 posts, 74,543 reach, 3,934 likes, 468 shares and 257 comments and 288 new page likes. We are almost at 5,000 page likes - please help us get there invite your friends & family.
  • This is still new for us in April we had 26 posts, 324 likes, and now have 91 followers. I need your help to reach 100 followers.
  • We ran a boosted campaign to finish off the blogger campaign which generated 300,000 impressions, 747 post engagements and 440 post reactions.
Additional Advertising:
Print campaigns
  • AAA Living (Midwest) generated 781 primary leads and 852 secondary leads (these leads contain name, mailing address and email(if willing to give us) and were shared with Chamber Members.  
  • Grand Canyon Journal
    • National Park Journal, Grand Canyon edition
      • Full Page Advertisement 
      • Full Page Custom Content 
      • Tablet editions - replica ad/edit available for purchase within iPad, Nook, Kindle & Zinio
    • MyGrandCanyonPark.com
      • Online Content Integration - URL
      • Integration into Itinerary - URL
      • Integration into Itinerary - URL
      • PDF download of ad/edit within itinerary – URL
    • National Park Newsletter Feature
      • March 24th - 142 clicks
      • April 19th - 72 clicks (3,019 reach)
  • AA Arizona 
  • AZ Canadian Insert 1/3 page ad – Westjet Magazine circulation 600,000 on-line impressions +22 million – this campaign generated 1003 leads for our members
  • Chicago Life delivered by Wall Street Journal – mid October featured Grand Canyon 100th Anniversary 44,000 print
  • Grand Canyon Journal Full page ad - enewsletter just 
Banner Ads
Quantcast - banner ads
Madden - Re-marketing ads
Geofence - REI store campaign AZ & Southern CA Nov - Feb
1.3 Million Impressions, 1,401 clicks with 41 Actions Avg CTR .1%
Current Print Advertising in circulation:
Arizona Canadian Fall insert 612,000 
Winter Drive Guide – circulation 200,000
1/6 page ad in Experience Sedona guide – circulation 275,000
1/3 panel Northern Arizona Exposure Map – 275,000 circulation
1/4 panel Grand Canyon South Rim, Tusayan, & Northern AZ
Plus our 2019 Visitor's Guide I40 corridor certified racks Southern Arizona and Prescott Valley
Chamber Partner Opportunities
Grand Canyon Association 
100 Centennial Celebration Info


Be a part of something GRAND

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of Grand Canyon National Park!

We invite you to become a corporate partner of Grand Canyon Association, supporting Grand Canyon for present and future generations. 

How you can support Grand Canyon

Private support of our national parks and public lands is a long and proud tradition. 

Grand Canyon Association works with organizations to meet their unique goals while ensuring Grand Canyon National Park’s six million annual visitors have a fulfilling and exceptional experience. There are many ways for your organization to partner with one of the Natural Wonders of the World: 

Click here for more info

Media Requests

We are starting to see a number of media requests.  I have updated our media room page and added a Google form for media to fill out.  I will receive the requester’s information via email and in a pdf form which I will then share with those on my media list.  If you’re not on my media list please make sure your company has completed our contact information form.


I also have a dropbox folder for media - please send me anything you would like me to include.

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