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  • Mystery Photo Yields New Clues to Kerouac Friend Bill Cannastra 
  • Big Event in Santa Cruz - Douglas Brinkley and Women Who Rock
  • John Allen Cassady Speaks - With Stories You've Never Heard
  • Poet ruth weiss Returns to The Stage 3 Months After Stroke
  • A Little Change Can Make a Big Change - Keep The Beat Museum Alive


Brian Hassett knows more about the Beat Generation than just about anyone you're ever going to meet. A few weeks ago Beat aficionados were eagerly trying to figure out who the fourth man in a recently surfaced photograph might have been. Myself, along with a number of others, thought it might have been Kerouac friend Bill Cannastra, but that never panned out.

Later, in an effort to pinpoint details about that magnificent photo, Brian and I realized we had both been in touch with one of Bill Cannastra's relatives within hours of each other. Soon we found ourselves looking at family photographs that have never been published.

The coolest thing about this photo? Every single person I've spoken to along with every scholar, biographer and expert on the various online Beat Generation forums all agree: none of us have ever seen a single picture with Allen, Jack and Neal all in the same photo. This is the only one that has ever surfaced since they met in 1944 - and it took until 2019 for it to come to light. And no one has been able to positively identify the 4th guy!

Take a trip to Brianland and soak in the warm bubbling juices of Beat trivia like never before!


Big Event in Santa Cruz - Douglas Brinkley & Women Who Rock

WOMEN WHO ROCK OUR WORLD MAY 17 - SnazzyProductions.com

It's going to be a "Rockin' Time" in Santa Cruz on Friday, May 17th at 7pm.

I first met Historian Douglas Brinkley at the 1994 NYU Beat Generation Conference in New York City. He's a world renowned historian who really understands the importance of The Beat Generation and how it relates to the history of America and the world.

The Ace of Cups were playing in the 1960s along with the Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead. And now they're finally getting their day in the sun. Other "Women Who Rock" will be on stage as well including local trailblazers of the Santa Cruz counterculture Kate Bowland, Lynda Francis and Anne Steinhart. See you at The Rio in Santa Cruz on May 17th!

Where: Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz
When: Friday, May 17th at 7pm
Cost: $25


John Allen Cassady Speaks - With Stories You've Never Heard
When John Cassady and I drove cross country twice in 2004 & 2005 we visited a hundred high schools, colleges and community centers. The show was a hit because John had so many great stories to tell about his mom and dad, Jack & Allen (his namesakes) and about Kesey & the Pranksters. Though our show was spontaneous and never the same twice I heard many of John's stories more than a few times. Often I would think to myself, "One of these days someone's got to write these stories down." Well, someone finally did. 
Take a look, you will dig it.
Poet ruth weiss Returns to The Stage 3 Months After Stroke


A few weeks ago Beat Generation poet ruth weiss performed onstage for the first time since suffering multiple strokes in January. ruth turns 91 in July.

God bless this indomitable woman!

ruth was accompanied by Pilar Duran on guitar, Laura Maione on stand up bass, Kari Schoen on saxophone and flute and Hal Davis on percussion.

Thanks to Tate Swindell for the photos.

Donate Your Change - Keep The Beat Museum Alive

Sometimes the greatest things happen at The Beat Museum. Because sales have been slow the last few months we've recently re-doubled our short term fundraising efforts. You can just look at the exterior of our building and see why foot traffic is down.

So last week I was sitting in my office and got a text from Niko who was working the front desk. A local North Beach guy named John walked in the door and unexpectedly gave us his stash of spare change. He said he estimated it would be between $130-$150 and he was right on target - it was exactly $143.61! A penny must have slipped in there somehow and that was OK with us.

So that got us thinking - everyone must have a place where they put their spare change at night. If you're like me, you let those coins pile up in a big jar and eventually take them to a bank or someplace and cash them in.

And then it dawned on us - MAGICAL THINKING TIME!

What if every person we know in North Beach were to walk in and hand us their stash of change – "a little change can make a big difference!"


We Appreciate Your Support!


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