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Reunion Workshop
Dear Sponsors, Speakers and Presenters - 
As you know, the ISA Expo has been postponed until August of this year. While we anticipated a good turnout and most presenters to go forward,  there has been attrition on both fronts, and our Sponsors and Speakers deserve more. Unfortunately, we have to cancel our conference.
Some of you have already confirmed the option we are presenting below. For all of you, we truly apologize for the whiplash. 
 Changing "Course" 

We’re all affected by the necessary cancellation of our annual Spring events, including the ISA Expo, which has been postponed until August. We know that, just like us, you’ve spent months preparing, and that you have new products and services you were hoping to launch in a big way. We feel your frustration and pain, and want to help. We, too, have no choice but to cancel our conference. But with a big silver lining--  read on. 


As you can imagine, attendance will be down for the Reunion in this time of Coronavirus spread. The marketing mileage our sponsors and speakers want and deserve won't be the same. And many of our presenters can't take the risk of travel at this time. So our program quality would fall below our standards for our Members as well.

Unfortunately, the contracts we signed won’t allow for the reschedule… the financial commitment would become doubled, and that’s not feasible. And so we have to cancel the in-person experience and donate the food. But we will keep the power of the final video production. 

The best ROI for everyone comes from the post-event video production, which is then featured on the School of Sign Arts website and promoted to some 20K sign shops. 

The world is moving online for just about everything, including education. Since your audience will now be relying on online information, rather than an in-person presentation, we can give them something that reflects exactly what you want them to see, hear, and experience. This is the option our team proposed today. And thus far, it has been received 100% with a welcome sigh of relief. 

The post-event videos are of the highest quality, and get 5-star reviews. It’s an important path for all who contribute to our conventions for the past 4 years.

We will help guide you, if you have questions or need assistance to create a video of the presentation. Show off your new products, talk about your new services, and make it a personal, intimate presentation. If preferred, you can send a script, we’ll do the voiceover – and produce the video.We’ll fine tune it, and get it online at our School of Sign Arts website, as well as directly marketed to our Network members and our vast sign industry newsletter subscribers of 20,000! 

The basics: We take the full PPT we built (from your content), render the entire video production using the video clips you provide (professionally edited), add the PPT slides where appropriate, we could even add crowd noise (�� )  add the opener and closing, and get this loaded on the SOSA site, in perpetuity.  We create a virtual workshop experience, reducing risk all.

This is a path we recommend, as it is unclear where the next Coronavirus interruptions will take place.  As for the thumb drive literature, that would be available directly below the related video on the School of Sign Arts platform, ready to click and download.

Reach out to me with any questions and we can provide guidance for the best video possible. Then all sign shops have access, everyone wins!

PS: As for all of the food and beverage at two venues, I will seek out the right charitable group, and hope they can bring in a large group of volunteers or homeless in transition to enjoy a great lunch, and another group for an amazing dinner. Even if the food has to be boxed up, and sent out, it would make the blow a little better, as we are contracted already for all of it, not to mention AV, videographer, DJ, gifts, thumb drives, program guides…


"Live Long and Prosper"

Teresa M. Young
Sign Biz, Inc.

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