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Community Announcements
Welcome to the Grand Canyon Community News email for July 18th. Our goal is to combine all Grand Canyon area Activities, Events, Meetings, Volunteer Opportunities in one newsletter and send it out weekly. If you have something to contribute please click the links below.

Native plants are being given away to Grand Canyon Village and North Rim residents

Volunteering opportunity during the event!
(Note: Plants available for in-park residents only)

Days: July 24th, 25th and 26th
Times: 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Location: Native Plant Nursery
(1402 Kennel Road, off Rowe Well Road)

If you have any questions, please contact Ahsa Jensen: 

Dear Grand Canyon Resident,
Earlier this month Grand Canyon National Park fire managers changed the South Rim and North Rim to very a high fire danger classification. The Tusayan and Williams ranger districts in the Kaibab National Forest remain in very high fire danger as well. Very high fire danger means wildfires can start easily and that small fuels (such as grasses and needles) will ignite readily. The large amount of precipitation received over the previous winter and spring have resulted in extensive grass growth throughout the area. This vegetation is now beginning to cure, or dry out, resulting in larger than normal fuel for a potential fire. When the fire danger is very high, fires will start easily from most causes. The fires will spread rapidly and have a quick increase in intensity, right after ignition. Small fires can quickly become large fires and exhibit extreme fire intensity, such as long-distance spotting and fire whirls. These fires can be difficult to control and will often become much larger and longer-lasting fires.
As a reminder, Grand Canyon National Park operates under year-round fire regulations. This means:
  •  Within the park, fires are only allowed in designated campgrounds and may only be ignited in grills, designated fire rings, or fire receptacles located in the area immediately adjacent to you residence.
  • While hiking or camping below the rim, cook stoves may be used, but campfires and other open fires are never allowed.
  • On a river trip, campfires are only allowed in elevated metal pans and use of a fire proof blanker under the metal pan is required.
As residents, we can help to make Grand Canyon a safer place to live and visit by taking simple precautions to develop defensible space around our homes. Defensible space refers to the area between a building and the surrounding forest where vegetation has been changed to reduce the threat of fire. It also provides an area where firefighters can safely defend your home. Developing defensible space can be as simple as a properly maintained yard.

A defensible perimeter should be maintained around all residences and out-buildings. This is defined as a barrier that will not sustain flame or allow fire to travel to a structure. Pine needles, grass, pine cones, twigs and weeds can carry fire to your home. You can stop a fire's spread by keeping your yard well maintained. Simple actions, such as removing pine needles a minimum of 5 feet around each structure can help tremendously! If possible, please place pine needles in plastic bags and place the bags in the nearest dumpster for removal. Large fuels such as firewood, lumber, and other combustibles should be a minimum of 30 feet away from any building. A minimum clearance of 15 feet should be maintained around propane tanks. Power weed eaters and rakes are available for loan to Grand Canyon residents.
Please keep up-to-date about wildland fires, prescribed fires, and other incidents throughout the region, state and country. Here are some great sources of information:

Your help can reduce the risk that wildland fires pose. Our greatest defense against a wildfire is to take proper precautions now. If you have any questions or concerns and live on the South Rim, please contact Chris Marks at 928-638-7417. For the North Rim, please contact Chris Ahnlund at 928-638-7949.
Did you know...The death of a loved one can be overwhelming and disorienting. Victim Witness Services is here for support and can be present to you in the following ways. Your Victim Witness Advocate…
  • can be present for support as you make calls to the funeral home and your friends and family
  • can provide names and phone numbers for local funeral homes, cemeteries, medicine men, and other resources to available to honor your loved one and begin your own healing journey as you establish a new normal.
  • can help you apply for benefits, assist with the return of personal property or effects, and guide you to resources to assist as you begin to rebuild and restructure your life.
  • can assist with finding a grief counselor and support groups for you or members of your family.
If your loved one’s death was the result of a crime your Victim Witness Advocate…
  • can help determine if you may be eligible for compensation to assist with funeral costs.
  • can assist you in obtaining any crime-related reports and communicating with law enforcement.
  • can assistance in advocating for your personal cultural belief system regarding the honoring of your loved one during an autopsy.
  • can walk with you through the legal process; including attending court hearings, keeping you updated on the progress of the case, and making sure your voice gets heard by the court.
There is help!!! You are not alone!!!! For more information please stop by the VWS advocate office or visit:

We are happy to announce the Grand Canyon Food Pantry is open. Mondays 8 - 11, Wednesdays 11-2 pm and Saturdays 2 - 5 pm. For more information check out their Facebook Page.  

The Summer Cafe is open at the Grand Canyon Recreation Center Monday - Friday 11:30 am - 1:30 pm.  In Tusayan  Monday - Friday at the Tusayan GCSD Sports Complex from 11:30 - 1:30.  All kids are welcome! Program continues through July 26th.
Supplemental Food Backpack program is still running - any family that may be in need of supplemental food please contact Mike Scott - those that received backpacks during the school year please note the program is still in operation and please pick up your backpacks from the lockers.
Old Cars needed for Fire Training: Need to get rid of a useless car? You can donate them to the fire department for training. If you do please contact Ray or Greg at 928-648-3473 Thank you in advance.
We have added a lot to our Google Calendar so please take a look here.  
I have a community announcement
Community Event
July 19th 3 pm - 7 pm Taptakover SanTan Brewing and live music 6 - 8 pm Exit 64
Yavapai Tavern

July 19th- 7 pm Movie Night The Kid
Grand Canyon Recreation

July 20th 8:30 pm Centennial Speaker Series: Grand Canyon: A Photographic Exploration of Rim and River with Adam Schallau at McKee Amphitheater

Jul 21st 6 pm Public Hearing in Tusayan regarding Budget at Tusayan Town Hall

July 23rd- 7 pm Poetry Slam
Grand Canyon Recreation

July 26- 7 pm Movie Night Shazam!
Grand Canyon Recreation

Jul 27th 10 am - 4:40 pm Rumble on the Rim
Shrine of the Ages

Jul 27th 8:30 pm Centennial Speaker Series: National Park Songs and Photography with Gigi Love at McKee Amphitheater

July 29th 2 pm Ice Cream Social
Grand Canyon Recreation

Learn about your park! NPS offers daily programs.
7 am Cedar Ridge Hike (South Kaibab Trailhead)
9 am Fossil Walk (Bright Angel Trailhead)
9:30 am Critter Chat (Main Visitor Center)
10:30 am History Walk (Verkamps Visitor Center)
1:30 pm Canyon Tales (Verkamps Visitor Center)
2 pm Geology Glimpse (Yavapai Geology Museum)
3:30 pm Geology Walk (Yavapai Geology Museum)
5 pm Condor Talk (Village Amphitheater near El Tovar)
6:30 pm Ranger Rendezvous (Mather Amphitheater)
8:30 pm Evening Programs McKee Amphitheater
Desert View
11 am Tusayan Ruin Tour (Tusayan Museum)
2 pm Tusayan Ruin Tour (Tusayan Museum)
6:30 pm Sunset Talks (Desert View Amphitheater)
9am - 4 pm Sat/Sun Desert View Cultural Demonstrators at the Desert View Watchtower
Family Programs:
Tues - Fri 12:30 - 1 pm A Natural Wonder (El Tovar Porch)
Tue & Thur 9:30 - 10:30 Walk on the Wild Side (Shrine of the Ages)
Wed & Fri 9 - 11 am Family Adventure Hike (Hermit Rest Bell)
Thur 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm Twilight Zone Walk (Shrine of the Ages)
I have a community event
Organized Activities
Grand Canyon Trail Half-Marathon Nov 2nd
Grand Canyon Chamber with Run Tucson is hosting a Half Marathon, 5K and Family Mile Fun Run in the Kaibab National Forrest.  Click here for more information.
Grand Canyon Community Choir
Tuesdays 7 pm
Grand Canyon Recreation Center
Girls on the Run - Grades 3rd - 5th Mon/Wed 4 pm - 5:30 pm.  Grades 6th - 8th Tue/Thur 4 pm - 5:30 pm.  Contact
English Classes
Tusayan Town Hall
Mondays and Tuesdays 6-7 pm
Playgroup for kids & parents
Grand Canyon Rec Center
Mondays 10 am - 12 pm
Bible Study and small group discussion
Mondays 7 pm Canyon Plaza Hotel Atrium sponsored by: The Grand Canyon Community Church
I host an organized activity
Community Meetings
Grand Canyon Rotary is doing good things. Interested in learning more we meet weekly on Wednesday's from 12:10 - 1:10 pm at Big E Steakhouse. Please join us or call Laura for more information at 520-329-1889.
Grand Canyon AA
Grand Canyon chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous meet three times a week at the South Rim at the Grand Canyon Community Recreation Center Mon, Wed, Fri from 7 pm - 8 pm.
I host a community meeting
Field Trips
Grand Canyon Recreation Center
Jul 22nd - Williams & Bearizona $10
Jul 24th - Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe bend $70
Jul 26th - Flagstaff Shopping $18
Jul 28th - Flagstaff Farmers Market $18
You must sign up in person at Grand Canyon Recreation Center

I host a field trip / outing

Keep Fit
Grand Canyon Recreation Center
Thursday's 6 pm Volleyball
Grand Canyon Recreation Center
Wednesday's 7 pm Open Meditation
I host keep fit activities
Volunteers/Donations Needed
Grand Canyon PTA
Interested in getting more involved at the school? Contact Cherie Benefield email or call 928-310-8289.   All are welcome - door prizes for members.  Hope to see you there!

CASA of Coconino County is looking for volunteers to be matched with a foster care child.
• Be the eyes and ears of the judge for a child.
• Spend time being aware of administrative happenings in a foster child’s life.
• Be another caring adult in a foster child’s life.

Felicia Bicknell
CASA Recruitment and Training Coordinator
CASA of Coconino County


Tusayan Fire Department
We are seeking people with a strong desire to learn and eventually commit to one night a week.  Send anybody you think would be a good candidate to the TFD or have them call 638-FIRE. 
Coconino Community College
Coconino Communtiy College is also looking for Part-Time Faculty to teach classes here at the Grand Canyon.  They are partnering with the Grand Canyon Chamber, Town of Tusayan, National Park Service and other local businesses to broaden the local educational opportunities with on-site programs.  They want to employ local part-time faculty where possible to help supplement local incomes and provide opportunities to do something new.  If you are interested in a part-time faculty position please click here  to fill out an application.

Box-Tops wanted! Here is an easy way to help our local school - check those boxtops - the school earns $0.10 cash per boxtop. Check your tops clip them and turn them in asap!

Amazon Smile
Do you shop Easily switch to and support local Grand Canyon organizations.
Shop like you always do but check out through and a portion of your purchase price goes directly to your charity of choice.  To pick your charity search  zip code 86023, and select from multiple local groups such as Grand Canyon PTA, Kaibab Learning Center, or Grand Canyon Association as your charity of choice. SHOP AS NORMAL! Same prices, same policies, same Amazon, no extra money from you! Use this all the time, and help your local community!
I need volunteers
Community Resources
Victim Witness Services are now located at the Canyon.
• Orders of Protection
• Financial Assistance
• Pre-restitution
• Pets too – temporary housing for pets
Contact: Bethany Larsen, Grand Canyon Victim Advocate, Victim Witness Services 928.864.9791
Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth (CCCY) is here to support the health and welfare of children.

Frank Moraga
Parent & Community Outreach Coordinator
Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth
SNAP Program - Do you need help buying food?

We have been working hard to bring a SNAP program to the Grand Canyon area. We hope to have more information soon but if you want to see if you may qualify see below.

Your household must meet certain requirements to be eligible for SNAP and receive benefits. If your State agency determines that you are eligible to receive SNAP benefits, you will receive benefits back to the date you submitted your application.

To see if you might be eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, visit our pre-screening tool.

Note: The FNS SNAP pre-screening eligibility tool is an interactive site with general information about eligibility requirements and how benefits are determined. Sharing your information in that form does not mean you filed an application for benefits. You will still need to submit an application through your State SNAP agency or local SNAP office.

Suicide Prevention Training
Perri Spreiser is available to come talk with small groups about suicide prevention.  Her training is 20-30 minutes.  She has been presenting this course over the last year with different NPS groups but is now opening it up to the community.  If you would like to schedule a training with your staff please contact Perri at 928-638-7834 or email
Justice Court Services 
Tuesdays Tusayan Town Hall
Did you know you can have your day in court right in Tusayan?  1st Tuesday of the month the Judge comes to Tusayan to hear cases.  The other Tuesday's court can be conducted via video conferencing.  
Scholarships Available 
The Grand Canyon Rotary Club would like to encourage all High School Graduates who have a dream of going to a Vocational School to consider applying for a grant from the Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona.  This grant is designed for low income people who want to improve their employment opportunities. Grants range from $850 - $3000.  For specific information and to apply visit
North Country HealthCare
Health Benefits Enrollment
2nd Monday of every month at North Country Health Care in the Grand Canyon.
Get Free application assistance with AHCCS, KidsCare, Health Insurance Marketplace, SNAP (formerly know as Food Stamps), Veterans Programs  Call 928-638-2551 for a free appointment.
North Country HealthCare
Services Available
Physical Therapy 
Telemedicine appointments
Call 928-638-2551 for more information
Grand Canyon Community Church 
has a canned food bank for families in need.  Please contact Mike Scott at 207-229-1228 if you are in need of assistance.
St Mary's Food Bank
July 17th 12 pm - 3 pm
Please bring photo ID. Pick up location parking lot next to the new Chicken Kitchen in Tusayan.(same spot)  If you live in the Grand Canyon and need a ride the Rec Center is offering rides at 12 pm and 1:45 pm.  If you are in need of food at other times please contact Sandi at 928 266-2604.  She can also deliver if you can't make the day/time.
I offer a resource to our community
Thank You 
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