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Friday, May 26, 2023
Good Friday Morning to You!

Welcome to the Friday mailbag where you will find some of the comments, questions and ideas sent recently by subscribers of this newsletter or our publications. They are edited for space and clarity.

“Hi, Shane. I hate to admit it, but without my Post-it notes for certain situations, I would be lost (Post-it Notes, May 11, 2023). I do use them like a list, so for groceries or needed items in the office that I need to purchase and bring back. Or if I am with clients and need to give them a phone number or address, they will get a Post-it note. I found your column fascinating about socks (Socks, May 9, 2023). I know I am easily amused, but, seriously, sock sock shoe shoe is the way to go. Thanks for the entertainment.” - Beth

Maybe you should put Post-it notes on your socks? –- Shane

“Just wanted to say that I got a kick out of your article on pennies (Zinc discs, May 17, 2023). Just my ‘2 cents.’ ” - Kevin

Keep kicking that penny down the road, Kevin. Just don’t scuff it. - Shane

“Shane, I start my day reading your Daily Umbrella article and a quote from Mathew Kelly’s book ‘Coach.’ Fifty-two years on this earth has taught me one thing in our daily interactions. We leave people a little higher or a little lower (Victim or victor, May 22, 2023). The victors leave people higher feeling empowered to spread the good. The victims leave people lower and focus on the negative. Thank you for starting my day with positivity.” - Jason

Looks like I have a new book to read. Thanks for the note, Jason. - Shane

“Today, you really hit a home run in the Daily Umbrella column (Victim or victor, May 22, 2023). If everyone only had the outlook of the man you described ,we would have taken a BIG step toward improving this great world of ours. I am not often challenged this early in the day, but I will strive to not be a victim today. Keep up the great work and congratulations on your success in making a difference in Des Moines.” - Gary

If we keep swinging for home runs, we might get on base once in a while. - Shane

“Read your Monday morning topic (Victim or victor, May 22, 2023) as I watched Tim Scott announce his presidential bid discussing the same issue: Victim or victor. I support victor. Thanks for your thoughts.” - Carolyn

Unfortunately, in politics, the victor is usually the one with the most money. - Shane

“As usual, you have raised an interesting point for consideration. One size does not fit all. Doesn’t tracking how many hours a person works mean interpretation of many variables unique to each situation (40 hours, May 23, 2023)? Most of my 43 plus fulltime working years, I was on call 24/7.  The jobs were 40 to 44 hours per week schedules. Some really harried weeks, co-workers would joke we were ‘only making a nickel an hour today.’ How would that be converted to hours per week for statistical purposes? We were all salaried/contract, so the pay was the same. No overtime, maybe some comp time off. However, we nearly all loved the work. To that point, in those 43-plus years, I always pursued jobs I enjoyed. Twice, I deliberately took cuts in pay to be in a job I enjoyed. Money was important, but it wasn’t the main driver. Many variables go into these changing times!” - Chuck

I have removed both socks, and this still isn’t working. I am going to have to get a calculator. - Shane

“As an old HR hand, the determination of who is a worker is pretty simple (40 hours, May 23, 2023). If you (the employer) tell the person when to work, what to do, and where to do it, that person is a ‘worker.’ ” - William

That’s an interesting concept, William. Very interesting. - Shane

Have a fantastic Friday, and thank for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305

CITYVIEW's  Best Of Des Moines

CITYVIEW announced its 2023 Best Of Des Moines readers' choices Jan. 31. You can find all the results from the poll in the February issue of CITYVIEW magazine!

Best Local Hardware Store

1. O’Donnell Ace Hardware

2. True Value – West Des Moines

3. Waukee Hardware & Rent-it Center


Read More

Your Clear Mortgage forecast from Jason Parkin

Another great weather day is ahead before heat starts to build again for the weekend and in to next week, when we’ll see 90s in Iowa. The next rain chance is a slim one as it stands now and comes our way Tuesday night into Wednesday.

For help with preapprovals or refinancing, get in touch with Jason at parkin.mortgage

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Indianola, IA 50125


Are you looking for a great home to put some sweat equity into, this is it!. Really Nice Home sits on a large corner lot with nice fenced yard and large deck. Home needs New flooring and paint. Home being sold AS IS.

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Organic food sales hit a record $60 billion in 2022 in the U.S., according to Fox Business.

Tune into Kitchen Insider Saturday at 10 a.m. to hear about 60 years of southside Des Moines food history. We have Willie Farrell on as guest. https://kfmg.org/ or 98.9 FM.

Faustino's (4914 Franklin Ave., Des Moines), an excellent new taqueria in Beaverdale, offers posole (a corn soup in pork broth) on Fridays and Saturdays. They have smoked carnitas, which is a little different, plus cabeza, tripa, beef birria and nopales (cactus) in their repertoire.

— Jim Duncan


FROM KCCI: Potential UPS strike approaches as company negotiates with union

DES MOINES, Iowa — Tensions are rising as the potential for delivery truck drivers going on strike inches closer. UPS has until Aug. 1 to make a deal with the driver's union before they walk. ...READ MORE FROM KCCI

FROM WHO-TV: Large crowds expected at Des Moines airport this holiday weekend

DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines International Airport will be busy throughout Memorial Day weekend. The airport is expecting a 23% increase in the number of passengers flying in and out compared to a normal weekend according to airport spokesperson Kayla Kovarna. ..READ MORE FROM WHO-TV

FROM WOI-DT Local 5: Witnesses share emotional testimony in drag racing trial

DES MOINES, Iowa — Thursday was day two of the trial of Robert Miller III, a man accused of killing 4-year-old Marco Faguadas in a three-car crash on Fleur Drive last December.  In court, the prosecution played newly released body cam footage from that night last December, showing the true severity of the accident.. ...READ MORE FROM WOI-DT Local 5

On May 26 in history ...

1927. Last day of Model T production at Ford. On May 26, 1927, Henry Ford and his son Edsel drive the 15 millionth Model T Ford out of their factory, marking the famous automobile’s official last day of production.

1962: The British Invasion has an odd beginning with clarinetist Acker Bilk. If you’d told a randomly selected group of American music fans in the spring of 1962 that a British act would soon achieve total dominance of the American pop scene, change the face of music and fashion and inspire a generation of future pop stars to take up an instrument and join a band, they would probably have scratched their heads and struggled to imagine such a thing. The Beatles were complete unknowns at this point. Instead, if there was any image that would have come to mind, it would have been of middle-aged men playing the clarinet in bowler hats and stripey waistcoats.

1897: “Dracula” goes on sale in London. The first copies of the classic vampire novel Dracula, by Irish writer Bram Stoker, appear in London bookshops on May 26, 1897.

Read more at History.com.


Hadden named Chamber’s Citizen of the Year

The West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce announced the 2023 Citizen of the Year Honoree is Tina Mowry Hadden. For the 78th consecutive year, the West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce has been recognizing outstanding individuals who commit their time and talent to bettering our community.

"Tina Hadden is a tremendous advocate for the West Des Moines community,” said Jana Rieker, director of client services for Amplimark, in her nomination. “She is a member of several non-profit boards and committees which support human services, education and community development in West Des Moines and the entire region.”

... Read more in the May issue of West Des Moines/Jordan Creek  Living magazine.

Birthdays and Notables!

Happy Birthday Jeff Pitts on May 27 and Will Reiher, May 28

These celebrities were born on this date: Brent Musburger, Stevie Nicks, Pam Grier, Hank Williams Jr., Jeremy Corbyn, Bobcat Goldthwait, Lenny Kravitz, Helena Bonham Carter, Joseph Fiennes, Lauryn Hill, Elisabeth Harnois

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Morning Chuckle

The answer to yesterday's riddle:
How do llamas wake up for work in the morning? SET THE ALLAMA CLOCK! - Shane Goodman, Gail Tomlinson, Judy Anderson, William Snyder, Joseph Jones

Today's Riddle

Why should you never use Beef Stew as a password?

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