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Monday, March 6, 2023
Good Monday Morning to You!

Motivation is a commonly used, yet mostly misunderstood, word. Why? It certainly isn’t because of a lack of effort by most of us to try to understand motivation. If you manage people in your job or in your family — and in one way or another, we all do — then you certainly have tried various methods to motivate others to make progress on whatever it is you want done.

Like many of you, I have read much about motivation in an effort to better understand how to get the most out of myself and the people I choose to surround myself with. Most theories about motivation are rooted in two principles: seeking pleasure or avoiding pain. I believe those to be true, but I recently read an insightful article by author Shawn Lim, who offered an expanded view of the pleasure and pain theories. He stated that motivation comes down to the following six factors:

1. Money and rewards. One of my first bosses told me that money is not a motivator, but that the things you can buy with money are the driving factors. Lim has a different perspective and says although most people think what they want in life are money and shiny objects, the physical things they want are just the means to an end. What they truly are after is the feeling of owning the items. He says when people understand what they are after, they will understand the real reward is in the journey. 

2. A desire to be the best. Lim points out how some people simply can’t accept anything but No. 1. This is a common trait with sports champions. They hate to lose, and they are willing to give nearly everything to achieve the No. 1 status. They sacrifice their weekends or their evenings and they rise early to work toward achieving their dreams so they can have a head-start on others. Lim says, when the desire to become the best in what they do is truly at the forefront, people will do most anything to become the champions in their field.

3. Helping others. Fortunately, some people are motivated by helping others. They want to see positive change in other people’s lives and will quietly fight for a better future. Lim says if you are one of these people, you should use that drive to help others and make a positive impact in the world, which will then motivate you to achieve greater success in life, too.

4. Power and fame. We have plenty of followers in this world, and they are needed. As such, we also need leaders. Lim says some people are innately inspired to become leaders and are driven to achieve greater power and fame in life. They want to lead and bring their company, their organization, their people and their nation to greater heights. Politicians. CEOs. Coaches. That leadership is driven by a need for power, and that’s not a bad thing when funneled properly.

5. Recognition. This, according to Lim, is different than power and fame. Some people simply want to prove they are right or someone else is wrong. Many of us despise know-it-alls and bullies, and some of us often create obsessions to tear them down by proving them wrong. It is not always healthy, but it is a motivator. On a related note, many people become even more motivated to accomplish goals when others tell them they can’t. My childhood friends and I knew we could talk another buddy of ours into doing most anything by simply calling him “chicken.” It worked with some kids, and it works with some adults, too.

6. Passion. Lim says the final factor that makes most people successful is passion. When someone is passionate about a goal, he or she will think about it nearly all the time. Although some people do find that passion in their work, Lim says most don’t and simply work like zombies. My friend Brad told me he recently saw a person with a T-shirt that said, “I don’t want a job. I just want money.” Therein lies the problem, and it is rooted in a lack of real passion.

Learning how to motivate ourselves and others is no easy task, but understanding these six factors and experimenting with how to use them, when to use them and who to use them with is another part of the ongoing learning process.

Have a motivated Monday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
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Brach's had come out with "Desserts of the World” product.

The USDA predicted a record planting of wheat this year. One of the things fueling this is increased consumption of pizza, particularly frozen pizza. Centro offers half-priced, coal-fired pizza on Mondays.

Hormel CEO James Snee annnounced disappointment in fiscal year performance. He cited supply chain hassles and sales being off at the newly acquired Planters Nuts division. He said nuts, in general, and higher-priced nuts, in particular, are losing customers.

—Jim Duncan

Your Clear Mortgage forecast from Jason Parkin

Breezy and seasonably mild weather continues into Tuesday. It then appears that we’ll see on-and-off light snow chances from Wednesday into Sunday as systems move through the region.

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On March 6 ...

1899: The German company Bayer patents aspirin. Now the most common drug in household medicine cabinets, acetylsalicylic acid was originally made from a chemical found in the bark of willow trees. In its primitive form, the active ingredient, salicin, was used for centuries in folk medicine, beginning in ancient Greece when Hippocrates used it to relieve pain and fever.

2001: In the year 2000, a new company called Napster created something of a music-fan’s utopia—a world in which nearly every song ever recorded was instantly available on your home computer—for free. Even to some at the time, it sounded too good to be true, and in the end, it was. The fantasy world that Napster created came crashing down in 2001 in the face of multiple copyright-violation lawsuits.

1475: Michelangelo Buonarroti, the greatest of the Italian Renaissance artists, is born in the small village of Caprese on March 6, 1475. The son of a government administrator, he grew up in Florence, a center of the early Renaissance movement, and became an artist’s apprentice at age 13. Demonstrating obvious talent, he was taken under the wing of Lorenzo de’ Medici, the ruler of the Florentine republic and a great patron of the arts.

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Virgil and Gretchen Peterson have been married for 51 years. Last year, they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a party their children hosted at Terrace Hills Country Club this past summer.

Virgil asked Gretchen to marry him in the car in Gretchen's grandparents' driveway.

"I know it's not the most romantic,” Virgil says.

"Well, it was good enough for us to last 50 wonderful years so far,” Gretchen laughs.

The two began their life together as friends. They met in high school and started dating during Gretchen's senior year of high school. Virgil was a freshman in college. They dated off and on for four years, and, in Virgil's senior year, Gretchen says they "knew it was meant to be."

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Why did the sheep and cow get angry at each other? THEY WERE IN A BAAAAAD MOOOOD! - Rex Post, Gail Tomlinson, Sharon Sorensen

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An Arab sheik is old and must leave his fortune to one of his two sons. He makes a proposition: Both sons will ride their camels in a race, and whichever camel crosses the finish line LAST will win the fortune for its owner. During the race, the two brothers wander aimlessly for days, neither willing to cross the finish line. In desperation, they ask a wise man for advice. He tells them something; then the brothers leap onto the camels and charge toward the finish line. What did the wise man say?

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