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Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2024
Good morning to you!

You likely know by now that I am fascinated with the psychology of why we choose to do the things we do. I recently read an article called “Body Language Signs That Have a Hidden Meaning” on the Traveller Gazette website that listed 42 ways to read and use body language in both your personal and professional life. Here are some of my favorites.

No. 1: Rubbing your hands together. According to the article, rubbing your hands together is a signal that you’re ready to get to work and “roll up your sleeves.” Be careful, though, as too much hand-rubbing can come across as nervousness or anxiety.

No. 3: Uncomfortable hugs. We have most all dealt with this one. In fact, I have been accused of being a lousy hugger. The article says simultaneous hugging and patting on the back can indicate discomfort or anxiety with physical touch. It’s a way of creating distance and signaling to the other person that they’re not entirely at ease with the situation. Yep.

No. 7: Stand by me. The article says men prefer a shoulder-to-shoulder stance — an “L” shape — as it feels less confrontational and more comfortable. I agree. On the other hand, women gravitate toward face-to-face interaction, as it fosters emotional connection and direct eye contact. And when a woman talks with a man? Lots of feet movement, of course.

No. 14: Excessive nodding. Excessive nodding can show that a person has lost interest in the conversation but is trying to be polite. Been there. Done that.

No. 15: Tilted heads. When a person tilts his or her head to the side, it exposes the neck and vulnerable areas of the body, which the article says is a sign of submission and non-aggression — and it is how I communicate with my dog.

No. 22: Detecting a smoker. Smokers often hold a cigarette between their fingers and press it against their lips or chin. Over time, this creates a habit of touching the mouth or chin even when not smoking. Puff on that.

No. 27: Eyebrow clues. When we are happy to see someone, our eyebrows go up as a sign of excitement. If we’re not happy to see someone, our eyebrows go down or stay neutral, showing displeasure or indifference. Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?

No. 33: The Coffee Barrier. Holding your coffee cup high indicates a sign of discomfort, defensiveness, or a desire for personal space. Holding your coffee cup lower can indicate a more open, relaxed posture. Spilling your coffee on someone, though, is never good.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
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Your Clear Mortgage forecast

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Warmer weather today, then cooling into Friday. Dry and mild weather persists through the weekend. Expect highs of: 62 today, 52 tomorrow, 46 Friday, 50 Saturday, 56 Sunday then into the 60s early next week.

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CITYVIEW's Best Of Des Moines®
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Best Local Thai Food

1. Thai Flavors

2. Cool Basil

3. Eat Thai, Thai Eatery

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From Norwalk Living

Golden employees
Retirement-age workers share why they continue to report for duty.

By Chantel Boyd

The vision of what life is like “after retirement” is as unique as each individual. For some, that vision focuses on leisure: traveling to warm beaches, afternoons spent reading, extra rounds of golf, more time for hobbies, friends and families. For others, however, employment continues to be an important aspect of their lives. From those who continue full-time careers to those who put in a few hours to keep busy, work can be a key part of life after retirement age.

Lifetime of service
Tom McLaughlin of Norwalk is 79 years old and has no plans to retire, nor has he ever.
In 1967, Tom began his career as a Norwalk Community School District teacher. For 13 years, he taught biology, physical science and physical education. While working as a teacher, he attended Drake University to obtain his degree in administration and eventually became the principal of Norwalk elementary schools Oviatt and Lakewood.

As a community leader and educator, he initiated the preschool program, all-day kindergarten, and student-led conferencing. He was awarded the Governor's Award for his work with the Norwalk Head Start Center. Tom founded Norwalk's special education program and the gifted program and is well known for establishing Norwalk's wrestling program.


Associated Press released a two-year investigation of prison labor in the food chain. The story, centered on Angola prison in Louisiana, said that prison labor benefits Coca-Cola, Gold Medal flour, and Riceland rice. The fruits of that labor end up in Target, Aldi, Kroger and Whole Foods. Some of it is exported. 

J.M. Smucker Company announced that the Knott’s Berry Farm jam brand “has been discontinued and is no longer being sold.” That brand was 100 years old but the company told USA Today that it wasn't as profitable as other divisions of the company, which is no longer connected to the famous theme park.

Wednesday at Village Inn (2300 University Ave., West Des Moines), a free slice of pie is offered with each breakfast, lunch or dinner order... Tacos Mariana's (1305 University Ave., Des Moines) is closed on Tuesdays, so they have special prices on their fabulous tacos on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

— Jim Duncan, jd91446@aol.com


FROM KCCI: DMPS leaders work on keeping more than previously reported Community Schools Program positions

DES MOINES, Iowa — District leaders with Des Moines Public Schools say they are able to save additional positions with the Community Schools Program, which is facing serious cuts. ...READ MORE FROM KCCI

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines Police have arrested Jeffery Sickels, 46 of Des Moines in connection with multiple burglaries and thefts at churches and businesses on the south side. Sickels was charged with first degree theft, and first degree criminal mischief. ..READ MORE FROM WHO-TV

FROM WOI-DT Local 5: Iowa bill aims to address food insecurity by helping grocery stores

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Happy Birthday Jeri Motsick!

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Morning chuckle

The answer to yesterday's riddle:

Why was the pig's apartment featured in the magazine? IT WAS SO STY-LISH (or any variation of that)! - Judy Anderson, Kris Laurson, Peri Van Tassel, Chuck Golliher, Carolyn Rogers. Or BECAUSE IT LIVED IN THE PEN-THOUSE! - Rex Post. Other answers: Gail Tomlinson, William Snyder.

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