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Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Good Wednesday Morning to You!

Being in the right place at the right time can make or break careers — and companies. Rosabeth Moss Kanter wrote this in her 2013 article, “The first secret of success is showing up.” In it, she references the comedy film, “Being There,” starring Peter Sellers. She explains how Sellers portrays the dimwitted Chance the Gardener, who tended the grounds for a wealthy elderly gentleman. When the man dies, Chance wears his clothes, and his name is misheard as “Chauncey Gardiner.” He is swept into high circles by a series of accidents, his mumbled observations on gardens are taken as wise metaphors, and he is soon a major national advisor. Just because he “shows up,” opportunities abound.

I shared Kanter’s words with our staff recently, not to point out that sometimes you can just luck out by showing up (although, that’s true), but rather to make the point that ideas and innovation and growth won’t happen unless we join together — face to face — and brainstorm. This is true in our clubs, organizations, teams, businesses and even in our families.

Don’t get me wrong, video conferencing can be wonderful and has its benefits, but it simply can’t replace direct and personal interactions when growth is the goal. I suspect some of you who are reading this are ready to fire off an email to me, stating how you are more productive working from home rather than in an office. For a select few of you, that may certainly be true. You may be more productive individually, but is your company more productive overall? Are you generating ideas and growing the business in new ways, or are you simply maintaining the status quo or, worse yet, swimming in declines?

I had dinner with a couple friends the other night, and they both expressed how “remote working” will soon be a thing of the past for the reasons stated above. They may be right.

Kanter wrote that, for companies, being there means “having a presence on the ground to deeply understand places that hold resources important for the future.” She referenced Kodak and noted how the company might have dominated digital imaging today the way it did film-based photography. She shared how things may have turned out differently if the company had “been there” in Silicon Valley “soaking up the sunshine of digital creativity, hiring a new Internet-savvy generation, and connecting with entrepreneurs inventing the future.” Instead, she notes, the firm remained in Rochester, New York, capital of an older technology era.

Kodak’s fall from grace wasn’t due to an overuse of Zoom calls, certainly, but the lack of new ideas and innovation played a part. Those don’t happen accidentally. Being in the right place at the right time is important, and it is impossible to do that without first showing up.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305

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Your Clear Mortgage forecast from Jason Parkin

As usual, this time of year brings us an atmosphere that can't make up its mind. Windy and warmer Thursday and Friday with rain chances kicking in Thursday afternoon and lasting into Friday. We may see snowflakes early Saturday morning. Next precipitation chance beyond that comes Tuesday.

For help with preapprovals or refinancing, get in touch with Jason at parkin.mortgage

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On March 29 ...

1973: March 29, 1973: Two months after the signing of the Vietnam peace agreement, the last U.S. combat troops leave South Vietnam as Hanoi frees many of the remaining American prisoners of war held in North Vietnam.

1982: On March 29, 1982, 19-year-old North Carolina freshman Michael Jordan makes a 16-foot jump shot with 15 seconds left to give the Tar Heels a 63-62 win over Georgetown for the NCAA Tournament championship.

1958: In March of 1958, Dr. Charles David Keeling begins regularly measuring the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawai'i.

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The National Association of State Agriculture Departments is holding its annual trade show, Tastes of the States - Las Vegas, this week. It hooks up states with exporters to promote their products. Iowa does not participate despite the fact that it is federally funded. It must be too easy to sell corn, beans and pig meat.

Wednesday is Goulash Day at The Dam Pub, 2710 Beaver Ave.

Auditions for "Native Gardens" at Des Moines Community Playhouse are April 10. The show contains roles for one male-identifying Latino actor age 30-40, one male-identifying actor age 60-80, one female-identifying Latina actor age 30-40, one female-identifying actor age 60-80, and two to four any gender Latinx actors, ages 16 and older. More information at www.dmplayhouse.com.

— Jim Duncan


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FROM WHO-TV: What second ‘funnel week’ at Iowa State Capitol means

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Following in Their Footsteps

Three generations of bakers

When Katie Ritzman was young, her mom baked cookies, cakes and other desserts at their home, selling the sweets to families and restaurants.

One day, her mom asked Katie to look after a batch of cookies baking in the oven. A young Katie didn’t like the messy kitchen, so much so that she responded, “I hate baking cookies.”

Fast forward 25 years. Katie is now baking cookies out of her home, with her Smart Cookie business in Waukee. When she told her mom about her proposed business, her mom laughed.

“My mom laughed so hard. She said, ‘You told me how you hated it. It's funny how the tables have turned,’ ” she says.

... Read more in the March issue of Waukee Living magazine.

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Happy Birthday Steve LeWarne!

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Morning Chuckle

The answer to yesterday's riddle:
What invention is the most ground-breaking? JACKHAMMER, SHOVEL, BACK HOE, PLOW and any other such answer. - Celeste Tilton, Mike Chiston, George Cockayne, Brendan Comito, Carolyn Rogers, Josie Siefken, Gail Tomlinson, Rex Post, Judy Anderson, William Snyder, Lori Bluml, Dennis Porter, Rich Hoidahl

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