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Thursday, March 23, 2023
Good Thursday Morning to You!

My wife bought me a drone for Christmas. It is March 23, and I am just getting around to using it. Operating a drone is more complicated than it looks, and that’s probably a good thing. I expected a learning curve for operations, but I didn’t expect all the hoops I would have to jump through to properly license the drone. Again, that’s probably a good thing.

Apparently, if you want to operate a drone as a hobby or for personal use, you don’t need all the licensing. But if you plan to use it for a business or a commercial purpose, it gets complicated. I was hoping to use the drone to take scenic photos for our publications and aerial video of our events. Once I mastered this, I thought I could teach others, and we could provide this as a service for our customers. That seemed like a good idea.

So I did what most people would do, and I went online and researched the process of registering a drone and becoming properly licensed in Iowa to operate it. Once I sorted through the ads from the training program services and got to the actual requirements, I learned that this was going to take more time and money than the five minutes and five dollars I was willing to invest in it. Just this week, I took my third attempt at it — until I realized I was duped by yet another online training program and decided to give up for the day and try again later.

As a child, I would visit a cousin whose husband had high-end remote control cars, planes, boats, etc. He would take me out to an open pasture or a nearby lake and operate these things, even letting me briefly give them a try. That was the 1970s, so the technology was in its early stages. Even so, this kid was in awe.

A few years ago, Jolene and I attended the Des Moines Symphony’s Yankee Doodle Pops outdoor concert in Des Moines. (If you haven’t attended, you should, as it is a wonderful experience.) That night, we could see a dozen or so drones flying around in the sky. At least we thought they were drones. It was a bit eerie.

With all that awesomeness and eeriness in mind, I understand the concern with privacy intrusion and general uneasiness with drones. The Russians seem to not like our country’s drones either. I get it, and I can’t help but wonder how easy it would be for a terrorist to fly a drone with a small bomb into a packed outdoor stadium. It’s a real concern.

Meanwhile, my dog seems to keep things in line on my home front. As I was attempting to fly my drone the other day, she took a courageous leap and downed it like a Frisbee. Luckily, the drone was intact — and so were the dog’s teeth.

Clearly, the sooner I learn how to properly use this thing — and get it registered — the better.

Have a thoughtful Thursday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305


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Precipitation should end around lunchtime today. Another rain/snow mix for the Des Moines area comes late Friday night into Saturday morning. And yet another similar situation comes Sunday afternoon into Monday morning. It's spring on the prairie.

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On March 23 ...

1839: On March 23, 1839, the initials “O.K.” are first published in The Boston Morning Post. Meant as an abbreviation for “oll korrect,” a popular slang misspelling of “all correct” at the time, OK steadily made its way into the everyday speech of Americans.

1983: On March 23, 1983, Barney Clark dies 112 days after becoming the world’s first recipient of a permanent artificial heart. The 61-year-old dentist spent the last four months of his life in a hospital bed at the University of Utah Medical Center in Salt Lake City, attached to a 350-pound console that pumped air in and out of the aluminum-and-plastic implant through a system of hoses.

2011: On March 23, 2011, actress Elizabeth Taylor, who appeared in more than 50 films, won two Academy Awards and was synonymous with Hollywood glamour, dies of complications from congestive heart failure at a Los Angeles hospital at age 79. The violet-eyed Taylor began her acting career as a child and spent most of her life in the spotlight. Known for her striking beauty, she was married eight times and later in life became a prominent HIV/AIDS activist.

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