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Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2023
Good morning to you!

A younger person was in our office the other day and pointed at a telephone jack, asking me, “What’s that thing for?” I explained to her how telephones need to plug into those jacks to operate.

She replied, “Why? My phone doesn’t need one of those.”

“Exactly,” I said while changing the subject quickly.

Her comments made me start noticing all of the unused telephone jacks that are in homes and businesses. Yes, we have an office phone system that requires hard wires, and it works just fine. At least I think so. To be honest, we don’t get many in-bound phone calls on it anymore, and most of our staff use their cell phones to make out-bound calls.

I was talking with a few employees the other day about faxing. The response was, “We have a fax machine?”

“Well, kind of,” I replied. “It is part of the copier.”

I was then asked, “What’s our fax number?” I had to think about it, but I did recall it eventually. I am just not sure when it was last used.

Like many of you, Jolene and I no longer have a home phone number. As such, we no longer have standard phones. I was looking for one the other day to test some lines at our office and realized I didn’t have one. I asked the staff if any of them had one at home that I could borrow, and none did.

Back to those phone jacks. We covered one in our home with a photo, and I bought a blank wall plate to put over another one. Someday, when the walls are torn down, a young construction worker will wonder what all those wires were for.

If I would have told you 25 years ago that you would not have a standard telephone and that most offices would not have fax machines, you would have never believed me. How could devices that were so instrumental in our daily activities no longer be needed? Then I thought of my cassette player, my beeper, our VCR, overhead projectors, typewriters and film cameras. The list could go on and on, and so can our memories of how important they once were.


Have a wonderful Wednesday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman 

President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305

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Sports Notes
Yesterday's action from ESPN.com:
NLCS - Game 2: Diamondbacks 0 Phillies 10; PHI LEADS SERIES 2-0

The Philippines hosted the International Rice Summit last week. It was the first time that they hosted despite being home to the world's most significant rice research facility and rice seed banks. Most news was about how India's ban on rice exporting has created rice shortages and price inflation in rice importing nations like the Philippines and much of Africa.

Newsweek reported that Steve Scalise's run for House Speaker might have been undone by his $500,000 worth of bills at D.C.'s Capital Grille since 2011. Those steakhouse expenses were shared to the magazine by Jim Jordan staffers. Moe Udall used to joke that his Democrat party always made firing squads circular. It's not just them anymore.

Irina's (652 S. Prairie View Dr., Des Moines), a family steakhouse surrounded by restaurants owned by Wall Street brands, has a Wednesdays-only special of $8 bang bang shrimp and $8 martinis at Happy Hour.

One of Waterfront's (2900 University, West Des Moines) most popular specials is tonight only. Whole Maine lobsters with corn, slaw and potato is advertised for $24.95.

- Jim Duncan, jd91446@aol.com

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These celebrities were born on this date: Brittney Griner, Chuck Lorre, Esperanza Spalding, Freida Pinto, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Joe Morton, Joy Bryant, Lindsey Vonn, Martina Navratilova, Mike Ditka, Ne-Yo, Thomas Hearns, Tyler Posey, Wynton Marsalis, Zac Efron

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The answer to yesterday's riddle:
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