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Monday, Oct. 16, 2023
Good morning to you!

Imagine this scenario. You have a business idea and take it to a local banker to apply for a loan. Here is how you describe it to the friendly loan officer.

You explain you are going to reach out to local businesses and ask them to give you a list of their customers, potential customers and anyone else who has attempted to connect with them in any way. You are going to keep that data, along with thousands of other data points on each one of those people. In return, you are going to give them a free web page, at least for now.

When the businesses that give you the data want to use it to reach out to their customers on your Internet platform, you will allow them to do so but only to about 5% of them. If they want to reach more than the 5%, they will need to pay you… to reach the list of people they gave you in the first place. That’s correct. And, yes, it sounds absurd. All the loan officers I know would be escorting you out the bank door quickly and laughing on their way back to their desks. After all, what business owners or managers would give private data on their customers to you and then pay you to have access to it later?

The answer? Three million businesses worldwide. And the company these businesses are giving all this private data to? Facebook. The irony is that small businesses not only are giving this data to Facebook, but they are also going out of their way to promote the Facebook brand in their other marketing, adding more fuel to the fire.

Facebook says that, for small business owners, their Business Pages are “like a free business website companies can build on to expand their Internet presence.” If they were being honest, they would say how their Business Pages are “like a giant magnet that pulls all your data and your customers’ data so we can use it however we see fit.”

And Facebook isn’t the only data bandit. Big Tech companies like X (Twitter), Instagram, YouTube and NextDoor are all operating similarly. Don't believe me? Read their privacy statements.

Most all businesses today have a Facebook page and simply trust that their data and their customers’ data are safe. We have several Facebook Business Pages for our own company. I often consider deleting them for all the reasons stated above, but the truth of the matter is that Facebook already has the data. The real question is, what are they doing with it?

Have a meaningful Monday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman 

President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305

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Things start to improve today, leading us into a pretty nice week. We’ll see a slight chance of rain in Wednesday’s forecast.

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Sports Notes
Yesterday's action from ESPN.com:
MLB: Rangers 2 Astros 0. ALCS - Game 1 TEX leads series 1-0
WNBA Finals - Game 3, Aces 73 Liberty 87. LV LEADS SERIES 2-1

Inflation is hurting name brand foods. As consumers look for bargains to compensate for higher prices, big name brands are suffering both at the supermarket and in the stock market. Big companies like Coca Cola, Kraft and Pepsi Co are all down double digits this year. Wall Street Journal points out that it's not just sales, those companies have also been attractive to conservative investors for their high dividends. Interest rate inflation, now in its third year, has wiped that attraction off the board.

One big brand name is outperforming their competition. Jersey Mikes has seen same store sales grow by 11% over a year ago and by 30% over three years of relentless inflation. On Fox Business, their CEO credited their philanthropic aggression and fearless expansion. Their national spokeman, Danny DeVito, really knows how to sell a freshly sliced sub, too. He could probably even sell Bud Light.

Fresh Thyme (2900 University, West Des Moines), where rain checks have no expiration dates, is advertising a Halloween party Oct. 31 at 2 p.m. with prizes for best costumes, giveaways and lots of fun stuff.

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Morning chuckle

The answer to yesterday's riddle:
Why did the vampire suck the blood of the tightrope walker? HE WANTED A BALANCED DIET! - Rich Weeks, Carolyn Rogers, Gail Tomlinson, William Snyder, Kris Hoover, Kerry Walter-Ashby. Or, He wanted to get high. - Rex Post, S. Hill Watkins.

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