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Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2023
Good morning to you!

Law and order. Those words describe more than a TV show that ran on NBC for two decades, or the many spin-offs it had. The phrase has an important meaning that, despite being only three words, is often lost today.

Law creates order. Order is difficult to have without law. They go hand in hand, or at least they should.

Law and order, as a noun, means the enactment of laws and their strict enforcement by police and the courts. It can also mean the safe, civil and orderly functioning of society viewed especially as a result of the enactment and strict enforcement of laws. Those meanings were first defined in 1575, more than 448 years ago.

Law and order can also be an adjective, meaning relating to, characterized by or advocating the enactment of laws and their strict enforcement. That definition was first coined in 1839, or 184 years ago.

Our elected officials create laws. Our police enforce them. The members of our courts interpret and rule on them. It is a system that has, for the most part, worked quite well for several centuries.

Even so, law and order have become more complicated. We continue to create more and more laws, yet we support our police less and less in enforcing them while spending more and more time and money in lawsuits. It is to the point where some police officers avoid arrests for fear of dealing with the legal aftermath. And the criminals know this, too. Yes, there have been bad players on both sides of the law, and some folks even continue to push to disband the police in their communities as a result of this. Most of us realize why this would be a bad idea, as without law, there will be no order.

Some question the validity of — or the need for — many of our laws, claiming them to be outdated or sexist or racist or other things that end with “ist.” At times, those claims can be legitimate, but we do tend to overcomplicate this. Regardless of your views on religion, the 10 Commandments were a good list to live by several thousand years ago, and they still are today. Those basic laws are simple to understand. The resulting order is where we have complicated things. If you are a believer in God, you believe there will be a judgment day for each of us. In the meantime, the problems with order here on Earth are relatively easy to fix, if we only had the courage to see them through.

Have a thoughtful Tuesday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305

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By Jackie Wilson

A decades-old building in downtown’s Waukee Triangle is now full of life and color, thanks to two murals painted by Joan Skogstrom.
One mural outside of Kenny’s Garage was completed last year and the other one this July. Skogland’s son attended Waukee Schools, and she frequently drove past the blank building before finally approaching the owners of Kenny’s Garage with her idea.

“Jamie (the owner) said they’d been talking about it for months,” she recalls. “They worked with the Waukee Betterment Foundation to obtain a grant for the artwork.”

She was given creative rein and sketched an idea. She looked inside the bar for inspiration and came up with a music theme, as Kenny’s Garage is known for hosting live music on weekends.

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