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Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2023
Good morning!

Do you ever wonder what the age was when you stopped feeling young? Maybe it was so long ago that you can’t remember. Or maybe you haven’t reached it yet.

Local fitness guru LeMar Koethe, who launched 7 Flags Fitness Center in Clive in the early 1990s, told me frequently that age was only a number, and that how you take care of your body determines your real age. LeMar was right, at least partially. One also needs to take care of the mind and soul, at least from my perspective. And, even then, the aging process continues.

Veteran newsman Michael Gartner tells me he was invigorated by working with young people, and that connection is what he misses the most in his retirement. I agree with him as well, although I have learned that, as much as I enjoy working with younger people, I equally enjoy living by older people.

Clare Ansberry writes the Turning Points column for The Wall Street Journal. In her May 5 contribution, she addressed the “when you stop feeling young” subject, pointing out how Millennials are now starting to feel old. She shared how the average age when Americans stop feeling young, according to a study by Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research, is 43. She also shared findings from Found, a weight-management company, that say the ripe age of 42 is when the average American starts noticing physical signs of aging, including achy joints and gray hair.

As many of you may agree, whether you feel old or not primarily depends on the people you are around, kind of like how you may feel overweight or not depending on the size of those who surround you. I remember, not too long ago, frequently being the youngest person in the room. Not anymore.

As interesting as the question of what age Americans stop feeling young is, the equally interesting question is at what age Americans start feeling old. And, yes, the ages are different. According again to the Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research, the “feeling old” age is 52. Well, that age has slipped by, too, much like my vision and hearing. But my sense of smell still works great, which is evident by the prevailing scent of Bengay.

When my wife was asked through the years by other moms what the best stage of parenting was, she would often say, “The current stage.” That answer continues through adulthood, regardless of what any study might say. Happy aging, Millennials!

Have a terrific Tuesday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305

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Tuesday means hot beef sandwiches at Paula's (524 Elm St.) and half price nachos at The Dam Pub (2710 Beaver Ave.)

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Harvest Academy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, allows men who find themselves in these situations the opportunity to change their lives free of charge. The 24-month program offers vocational training, peer mentorship/leadership, education and transitional services.

“It’s our mission to help our students rebuild themselves,” Smith says. “That’s what second chances are all about.”

Tim Krueger, CEO, brought his vision for Harvest Academy to Indianola in 2019 after being a program observer and then CFO/CEO of The Other Side Academy in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was there he learned the therapeutic community method.

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