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Monday, Aug. 7, 2023
Good Monday Morning to You!

So Twitter is now X. As most of you know by now, in a major rebranding effort, Twitter owner Elon Musk initiated a name change on July 24. It’s more than just a name change, though, as Musk wants X to be an app that can do “everything.”

“Twitter was acquired by X Corp both to ensure freedom of speech and as an accelerant for X, the everything app,” Musk said. 

“The Twitter name made sense when it was just 140 character messages going back and forth — like birds tweeting — but now you can post almost anything, including several hours of video. In the months to come, we will add comprehensive communications and the ability to conduct your entire financial world," he added.

Musk envisions a “super-app” that encompasses basically anything a person wants to do online like listening to a podcast, shopping, watching videos, etc.

Consumers aren’t sold on the change yet. In fact, many Twitter loyalists are downright angry. But can you blame Musk? Twitter was losing a few billion dollars a year before he bought it, and he forked out $44 billion to purchase it. That’s a lot of B’s, and he certainly was not going to proceed with business as usual, and none of us would either.

The man is brilliant, and he is a risk taker. There is no doubting those things. But his choice of X as the new name does seem odd.

I can’t help but think of Prince changing his name to that goofy unpronounceable symbol. Or Kanye West changing his name to Ye. Or the Dixie Chicks changing their name to The Chicks. Or Sean “Puffy” Combs changing his name to Diddy. Or Lady Antebellum changing their name to Lady A. And, of course, there is the Cat Stevens ordeal. I can’t keep track of my own name very well, let alone all these musical artist changes.

Meanwhile, Facebook changed its corporate name to Meta, but, realistically, who calls it that? I don’t even know the name of our phone company/Internet provider. Is it CenturyLink? Qwest? Lumen? Then again, we did learn to say Wells Fargo instead of Norwest.

It's all confusing, but if I had to bet my hard-earned money on whether the Twitter rebranding will work or not, I would have to side with Musk. A history of success is on his side.

Have a magnificent Monday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
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Your Clear Mortgage forecast

Most of the rain has ended, though we may pop a couple of showers during the late afternoon today. Our next best rain chances come Wednesday and Friday. Temperatures stay mild.

For help with preapprovals or refinancing, get in touch with Carrie at carrie.mortgage.

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C is for clouds and cows and corn. But G is for a giraffe that keeps watch over our neighborhood and has become a local attraction. Photo by Diane Ferguson

Rice consumption continued a decade-long fall in Japan where younger generations prefer pasta and pizza. Amazingly, the Japanese rice market grew with exports way up to the U.S., where sushi grows new markets, and to China, where Japanese rice is nearly 10 times more expensive than domestic rice.

Food inflation continued to outpace general inflation in the US, UK and Europe in July. The rise in food prices is almost twice as high in UK and Europe as the U.S. Russia's war with Ukraine is the main reason for that.

Manhattan Deli (3705 Ingersoll Ave.) is featuring a Crazy Caprese special in August. That is a steamed sandwich that features fresh mozzarella, turkey, pepperoni, onion, tomato, fresh basil, Parmesan, oil dressing, a balsamic glaze and garlic salt on an onion bun - $12.

— Jim Duncan, jd91446@aol.com


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Head-turning wheels

His grandfather’s truck

By Chantel Boyd

Garret Von Stein of Bondurant is a go-getter and a handy guy, having been active in FFA and having won a lot of trophies for projects he entered. One big project he took on recently was restoring his grandfather's truck.

The truck is a 1979 Custom Deluxe 20k20.
“It is one of the coolest farm trucks you'll ever see,” says Garret....

After a year of working on it, Garret and his buddies are putting the finishing touches on it. Meanwhile, he continues to drive it during the summer and plans to drive it to school next year.

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What do you call a well-behaved snake that works for the government? A CIVIL SERPENT! -  Carolyn Rogers, Gail Tomlinson, Rex Post, Linda Westergaard

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