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Friday, Aug. 4, 2023
Good Friday Morning to You!

Welcome to the Friday mailbag where you will find some of the comments, questions and ideas sent recently by subscribers of this newsletter or our publications. They are edited for space and clarity.

“I always enjoy your writing, but today’s musings on how and why things work was spot on (I don’t understand, July 27, 2023).! And funny. And now I’m picturing all of those mysterious workings in my head!” - Judy

Unfortunately, that list could have gone on. And on. And on. - Shane

“I used to have young cops ride with me. They could recall details of incidents with names, clothing, pets in the house (including once a duck), the list went on (I don’t understand, July 27, 2023). I would tell them my brain is a storage room that I've filled the shelves of and apparently someone comes in, empties some of them and sends those to the land fill. Their brains have all kinds of room for storage.” - John

The shelves seem to get dusty, too. - Shane

“Our house has a big hill on one side. Every other year (crop rotation, you know), we have tall corn on the other three sides (I don’t understand, July 27, 2023). We may not be able to see much those summers, but it is oh so much quieter! That tall corn is a wonderful sound barrier. When picked, it results in a big noise adjustment!” - Diane

If only soybeans grew tall. - Shane

“Shane, interesting factoid, but I don’t know that I ever really thought about meat lockers (The locker, July 31, 2023). Had a few relatives on farms in the early 1950s who may have had meat in the locker because they didn’t have a home freezer of any size and needed a place to store. Back in those days, refrigerator freezer compartments were barely big enough for two ice cube trays and a half-gallon of ice cream!” - Chuck

No room for ice cream? That would be a problem. - Shane

“Shane, I have many happy childhood memories of driving into town to get meat from our town's meat locker (The locker, July 31, 2023). My farm family raised both beef and pork, and, about once a year, the local locker would process whatever it was we needed for the upcoming year, then freeze it and keep it in the store's freezer to be picked up as we could use it. Obviously, there was a lot of meat from a whole steer or hog — and not enough freezer room on the farm to store it. In Hubbard, where I grew up, the locker was located at the back of the local grocery store and, indeed, each family was assigned a ‘locker’ within that large, cavernous freezer space where their meat had been processed and frozen. The grocery store owner had two roles — cut /process meats that came to him from local farmers and run the grocery store. I remember the locker being freezing cold inside and my mother opening our locker with a key. It is a nostalgic memory.” - Connie

I remember a saying from a friend who waited tables in her younger years. She said when customers would tell her the food was hot, she would say, “It sells better that way.” Same principle with freezing-cold meat lockers.

“Good morning, Shane. Great piece this morning (The locker, July 31, 2023). Growing up in Adel, we had a ‘locker.’ I loved going in there with my dad as a kid. The bacon, pork chops, dried beef, and the fresh ground hamburger were the best. We also stored meat there that was butchered from my grandparents’ farm or from family friends who farmed.” - Jeff

For some reason, I keep thinking of Sam the butcher from “The Brady Bunch.” - Shane

Have a fantastic Friday, and thanks for reading.

Shane Goodman
President and Publisher
Big Green Umbrella Media
515-953-4822, ext. 305

CITYVIEW's  Best Of Des Moines

CITYVIEW announced its 2023 Best Of Des Moines readers' choices Jan. 31. You can find all the results from the poll in the February issue of CITYVIEW magazine!

Best Local Moscow Mule

1. The Copper Cup

2. 300 Craft & Rooftop

3. BeerStyles Taproom & Gastropub


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Your Clear Mortgage forecast

It'll be a hot one today before tiny rain chances move in this evening, followed by better rain chances at times Saturday and Sunday. The upcoming week looks nice.

For help with preapprovals or refinancing, get in touch with Carrie at carrie.mortgage.

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Nestled in a prime Clive location, this stunning residence offers the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. As you approach the property, grandeur French country curb appeal welcomes you, setting the tone for the elegance that awaits inside.
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Ankeny Community Theatre opens "Much Ado About Nothing," bringing this Shakespearean comedy to vibrant life.

Carousel Theatre of Indianola – Disney's "The Little Mermaid" presented at Indianola High School. Through Aug 6.

Poetry Open Mic Night - Kelsey Bigelow, spoken word and page poet, emceeing at Beaverdale Books, Aug. 4, 6:30 p.m. 

All newborn baby deer are born with white spots on their fur to help them camouflage from potential predators. White spots contrast with brown fur, allowing the fawn to blend in with the vegetation by breaking up their visual pattern. It allows the mother deer to leave her (mostly helpless) offspring to forage for food. Photo/Paul Houston

TNWD reports that drone fishing is a big thing among surf fishermen in America. The drone takes the bait and line and drops it where it detects specific breeds of fish. South Carolina is the main center. It's not legal everywhere.

Flying Mango (4345 Hickman Road) is reopening the east dining room for the first time since COVID began. Smoked catfish cakes and die-for brisket keep the place packed for carryout or dine-in.

Tune in Saturday 10 a.m. as Kitchen Insider welcomes Elaine Estes with stories about BBQ in the Big Band Era. https://kfmg.org/

— Jim Duncan


FROM KCCI: Iowa firefighters fired for alleged sexual activity while on duty, misconduct

OTTUMWA, Iowa — Documents obtained Thursday by KCCI reveal why Ottumwa officials recently fired two members of the city's fire department and another resigned in lieu of termination. The city in May hired Des Moines-based law firm Dentons Davis Brown LLC to investigate reports of misconduct within the Ottumwa Fire Department.... READ MORE FROM KCCI

FROM WHO-TV: Iowa lawmaker sued by daughter for allegedly forging her signature, withholding insurance money

IOWA — A Republican lawmaker from southeast Iowa who was arrested last month while riding RAGBRAI is being sued by his daughter and her parents for allegedly forging her signature to place an unauthorized lien on her car. The lawsuit, naming both State Senator Adrian Dickey and Jefferson County Treasurer Mark Myers was filed last month.... READ MORE FROM WHO-TV

FROM WOI-DT Local 5: Camping at the Iowa State Fair is a tradition for many, but one family has continued it for over 50 years

A family of around 100 people spend the month of August at the Iowa State Fairgrounds — they say nothing will stop this tradition.. ...READ MORE FROM WOI-DT Local 5


Roedings upsize with move

Runner gives back as director of event.

By Lindsey Giardino

Lauren Roeding and her husband, Arthur, moved their family from Johnston to Urbandale five years ago. They valued the proximity to Des Moines Christian School, as well as to Lauren’s workplace at the time.

“We were ready to upsize from our ranch to a two-story based on our growing family and desired a new build with a large yard,” Lauren Roeding explains. “The home we purchased met these requirements, as well as the other ‘nice to haves’ that were on my and my husband's lists: three car garage, large walk-in shower, hardwood floors, and the opportunity to finish the lower level as we desired.”

One cool feature of the Roedings’ home is its “invisible” staircase, meaning the stairs to the basement and the stairs to the upstairs are both hidden from general view behind the kitchen wall.

Read more in the July issue of Urbandale Living magazine Full schedule of events included.

Birthdays and Notables!

Happy Birthday Evan Summa and Brook Skram!

Happy Birthday These celebrities were born on this date: Billy Bob Thornton, Barack Obama, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Daniel Dae Kim, Cole Sprouse, Abigail Spencer, Dylan Sprouse, Roger Clemens, Greta Gerwig, Jeff Gordon, Kym Karath, James Tupper

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Morning Chuckle

The answer to yesterday's riddle:
What did the farmer use to move the sleeping cattle? A BULL DOZER! Or A mooooovvvving van! - Gail Tomlinson. Or Guernseys (gurneys)! - Carolyn Rogers. And getting yesterday's riddle were Gail Tomlinson and Rex Post.

Today's Riddle

What do you call a well-behaved snake that works for the government?

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