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When Your Phone Rings...
Reinvent Your Voice Message

“Your voicemail can be the best advertisement of your value to customers."

R U Technically Challenged?

It's amazing that we live in a technological age and we still haven't mastered voicemail. It’s only been around since the 1970s in most businesses. I use the phone extensively in my business and I hear some really poor excuses for voice mail... everything from people laughing in the background as the recording is made to incorrect dates being given (more on that later). Don’t you wish there were voicemail "rules” that people had to follow?

This is among the top takeaways in presentations I lead. It is also a great icebreaker at networking meetings.

Programming Your Voicemail Message...

1. State your business name  and  personal name in your outgoing message. Don't you want to do business with people who call your office? In fact, I don’t know if I have reached the right business or person if you quote the number back to me that I just dialed. A friend says, “Hello, you’ve ALMOST reached Oscar. Please leave a message…” Thanks, Oscar!

2. Correct date. If you just have to leave a message that states what day it is and when you will be back, try to get it correct! I called a number on January 13th and was told the office would be closed for the holiday... until November 29... BUSTED!

Nothing irritates a caller like...

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A Reinvention Story

These are ordinary people who used circumstances, skills or inspiration to change their lives and the world around them. Enjoy!

Although his career stretched back half a century and includes over 100 films and countless TV programs, this actor gained true fame late in his career. His story of reinvention has inspired (and amused) many. The son of a Canadian Mountie and the brother of Canada's future Deputy Prime Minister, he was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. He came from a home, though where his father physically abused his mother. He wanted to escape this environment.

Although he had several serious acting roles, he was known as a notorious off-screen practical joker and cut-up. He wasn’t given the opportunity to show off this “strength” until he was cast as a dead-pan doctor in a breakout comedy film.

His career was reinvented and he was about to become the leading man in countless comedies.

Who answered the question, "Surely you can't be serious?" responded with a deadpan, "I am serious... And don't call me Shirley." 

 Reinvention Nation Blog:
Three Points to Make Your Point

The greatest speech in American history took under three minutes to deliver. It moved the speaker who preceded it so much that he asked for a personal hand-written copy. You can see that copy today in the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield, Illinois.

The Gettysburg Address was short, succinct and can be summarized in three parts.  In sales, service, and general keynote presentations it is best if you can illustrate your point with these three keys for relevance and application by the audience. Make it about THEM, not you. Make it relevant to peoples' lives.

Make it a takeaway that they can literally take away...


In the Reinvention Store:
Reinvention Made Easy 

The Amazon bestseller is about how to adjust successfully to a world of higher expectations and constant change. It's about how companies and individuals are rediscovering their mission and reinventing themselves. It's about how the traditional world is rapidly passing and what is replacing it. It is a journey that you must make.

Buy it today!

“Every project is an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems and challenges, to invent and reinvent."
—David Rockwell

“What we want to do is make a leapfrog product that is way smarter than any mobile device has ever been, and super-easy to use. This is what iPhone is. OK? So, we're going to reinvent the phone.”
—Steve Jobs

“Any company has got to reinvent itself again and again.”
—Bob Parsons

“When you are running a business, there is a constant need to reinvent oneself. One should have the foresight to stay ahead in times of rapid change and rid ourselves of stickiness in any form in the business.”
—Shiv Nadar

“We're a high-volume, low-margin business, so we decided to reinvent our own approach to health care.”
—Steven Burd, CEO Safeway, Inc.

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