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  • Can You Leave Them Alone?
    Responsibility vs. Authority

My philosophy is to always find
the smartest people you can. 
Hire people smarter than you.”

                                        -Donny Deutsch

Mulligan Putter

Experience has taught me that the best leadership is allowing people to do the jobs they naturally do best and not interfere.  Rarely though did I ever work for an organization where the senior leadership could do this. 

I was in a golf tournament with a client organization where the teams were chosen in advance… except mine.  Since I was the guest keynote speaker, I was assigned to play on a team with the sound technician and two others who came onboard at the last minute. We weren’t chosen to compete.

Typically, my strength is in putting; not driving the ball or chipping onto the green. That day I putted fairly well which we needed. We had two men who could drive the ball like Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods. The fourth member of the team was chipping the ball way beyond our abilities. We were humming!


On the back nine holes we were playing well. We hadn’t hit above par on any hole. Then  we hit a snag. It was a “Captain’s Choice” four-man scramble, which meant that you used everyone’s best shot on each stroke. On hole #12, everyone missed the putt. 


We were about to give in and take a one stroke over par, when our leader asked me if I had taken my free “Mulligan” yet. (For novices, in some tournaments each player is allowed to hit one “do-over” shot without a penalty) “No,” I answered. “and I’m not using it on a putt!”


He said, “I’ve watched you putting all day. I KNOW you can do this. Your first putt was closer than anyone’s.”  The rest of the team agreed and said they were certain I would make the putt. With their encouragement, I made it and saved par. 


We won that tournament. None of us were outstanding, but each excelled in different areas and it carried our victory.  Each person had one skill that they were gifted at doing. Everyone supported others in the tough moments. Do you work with a team like this?


Everyone is great at doing something. 
Your task is to discover what that is.


If you are miserable in your job, odds are you are doing tasks that don’t come natural to you. There are other tasks you can do without breaking a sweat, but some things about your job make you struggle and dominate your thinking.



You Get What You Hire
Many times we hire people and give them a list of job requirements. However we do not allow them to perform their tasks unsupervised or unchecked.


This is called “Hiring for Responsibility.”



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If you watched the events the week that former President George Herbert Walker Bush passed away, you were probably captivated by a man who paid respect and gripped the nation.


To look at him, you would see a man that has given of himself to his country more than many others. You would see the results of a shattering war wound and the endurance he mustered to recover from being paralyzed from the neck down for a time.


Many people who rise to leadership in politics come from well-to-do families and seem to have all the breaks. But to study his life is to see a man who came from humble beginnings, faced economic and physical hardship, and yet never gave up.


Who said, "Things are going to get better. Be optimistic."?


Reinvention Nation Blog

Who's Got Your Back?

Your people are on your side. If you show that you have their backs they will fight for you in return.


At a national conference I was talking with some employees.  One asked how she could get me to come in and teach a teamwork and support workshop to their company.  I asked could I call her and talk to the right person. 


“Call me but let me talk to him.  My boss is the major hindrance to our company’s growth.” She really wants to make him look good, but he seems to be fighting any transparency and lacks trust in she and her associates.


Why?  Often the people who want us to succeed are frustrated by a lack of permission to do what they do best...



George S. Patton on Leadership

"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."
"If you tell people where to go, but not how to get there, you'll be amazed at the results."
"Do more than is required of you."

"No good decision was ever made in a swivel chair."
"You're never beaten until you admit it."

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