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"You did a great job presenting to our attendees. I heard a number of favorable comments about your sessions. I enjoyed working with you. I really appreciate you taking the time to present to the personnel of South Dakota Health Centers. "

-Lori Tracy
Assistant Executive Director

South Dakota Health Care Association


"We sincerely thank you for a job well done at the 2018 Nebraska Municipal Clerk Institute and Academy."
Ellen Freeman Wakefield
Nebraska Clerks Institute and Academy
  Reinvent Yourself!
Jim's first book on Reinvention is a kick-start to begin your journey!

"Reinvention 101: Bold Ideas on Reinventing Yourself" is written in brief chapters for you to read one a day for 150 days and begin your journey to change yourself and the world around you.  
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Jim has earned the designation of "International Platform Certified Speaker" (IPCS) from the International Platform Association
(founded in 1831).

The designation denotes professionalism, quality and integrity in the speaking profession over a long time.

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JIM MATHIS works with leaders who want to reinvent their business models in a changing and challenging economic climate.

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 Rewards of Being Pleasant to Your Customers
Get Off Our Lawn!

“People buy from you because they like and feel comfortable with you.”

The Lonely Customer
I notice outstanding customer service for personal and professional reasons. For instance, every time I go to a Cici’s Pizza, the employees greet customers as they enter the store. They've been doing this for years. A music minister I worked with in a church would greet the choir as they showed up for practice shouting, “Welcome to Cici’s!” It got laughs and the choir members loved hearing him greet them.


If you’ve ever been to a Waffle House Restaurant, you know that everyone who walks in the door is greeted by the employees. It makes you smile and notice. Imagine your doctor’s receptionist or the post office greeting you as you entered their doors. I use a UPS store for business services and am greeted every time I enter, even when the staff members are busy with other customers. I've gotten to know them and they have made it a point to know me.


So you can imagine how I felt on my last  trip to Home Depot. I had to make a quick trip to return an item and was in a rush to do several other errands. I stood alone at the “Returns” counter for over ten minutes as five different associates glared at me with that, “Get off my lawn look.”


Finally, an associate worked some "magic" on me… She mumbled, “I’ll be with you in a moment.” This was a good trick, since she managed to do that and never made eye contact with me. In the meantime, more associates came to the “Returns” area and left, staring at me without saying a word or even acknowledging my presence.


I was in a hurry; they were not.


Five minutes later, another associate walked over and assisted me… reluctantly. I was still the only customer at the counter.


There’s nothing like observing four people watch another person working. But that is the current state of service with many Home Depot's and other companies.


Come Back, Bernie!
Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank founded Home Depot in Atlanta, Georgia in 1978 on a shoe-string budget. The two gentlemen revolutionized the home improvement business by using a warehouse concept. Their goal was to provide assistance to people who wanted to do home improvement projects and needed supplies, equipment and professional assistance.


Marcus was a master at customer service training. He told the employees to assist everyone and ESCORT them to the items they were seeking. He even threatened to bite off the finger of anyone who only pointed to another part of the store rather than taking them there personally. When he and Blank retired, they had made personal fortunes and left the corporation is great shape... but it didn't last, and corporate fortunes changed under different leadership.


Home Depot is now known for NOT helping customers that much.


Their slogan, “The Do It Yourself Home Improvement Store,” now seems to refer to...


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   A Reinvention Story
These are ordinary people who used circumstances, skills or inspiration to change their lives and the world around them. Perhaps they will inspire your reinvention. Enjoy!

One of the most recognized voices in the entertainment industry belongs to a man born in Arkabutla, Mississippi during the Great Depression. His parents separated before he was born, so he was raised by his maternal grandparents. 

He was functionally mute for 8 years until a high school teacher, Donald Crouch, decided to bring him out of his shell. He made the young man recite a report he had written before the class...


Who said, "One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter."?


Reinvention Nation Blog

Who is the "Influencer?"

When you make a sales call on a corporation or organization, always speak with the person who has the most influence - not the purchasing agent or HR director or Executive Vice President. If the person you are talking with has to ask "Mommy or Daddy“ for the money, you need to get close to Mommy and Daddy.


When you attend a convention or networking event, find out who the "influencers" or power brokers are... the people with the most influence. Don't go by their outward appearance. They don't dress to impress (David Zuckerberg wears hoodies to work every day). Warren Buffett drives a Toyota Camry.

What sets the "influencers" apart?



"No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted."
"One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say."
-Bryant McGill
"Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again."
-Og Mandino
"A person's a person, no matter how small."
-Dr. Seuss
"I've been searching for ways to heal myself, and I've found that kindness is the best way."
-Lady Gaga
"Treat everyone with respect and kindness. Period.
No exceptions."
-Kiana Tom

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